Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food Tour and Most Updated Kpop!

Gin Ger -  the pro chef,

Me -  the pro eater

Ivy - the pro follower

Three of us met at Aeon Jusco and just preyed for food! (for Kpop reader, keep reading xD)


Top: Body Glove
Shorts: Brands Outlet
Shoe: Converse Black
(ignore the background)

First: Lunch at BBQ Plaza


Next: Vivo for dessert!!! <3


Chocolate something... forget.. ;P

Chocolate Volcano

See how the Volcano happens? 


It tastes yummy though... <3

Bluberry Pizza (not so good)

I spread the ice-cream on top just to make it tastier (better)

Third: Chatime for baverage!

Sorry for the poor lightning, I'm lazy to edit.

Mine: Brown Rice Green Milk Tea (forget what Ivy's)

Last but not least: Shopping! (out of our eating list) xD

Shopping products.

Refreshed! :)

p/s: Assignments has tons, but I'm sure I can cope with it. Just stay for the whole night lo! xD

Good, someone really is Kpop fan!

Here you go!

Readers: Girls Generation Latest Japanese Repackage Album -- Time Machine (Released yesterday night)


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