Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Port Dickson Trip - First Day

I finally squeezed out some time to update my blog cause I hated being out-dated. So here is the picture of the first day of our trip on out last holiday:

Outfit: white top with lace at the side and a skinny jeans from Nichii. Sandals from Langkawi. 
(p/s: My legs look skinny here -- Success! xD)

 Body Glove tops -- bought before we headed to Port Dickson.

 Baby Sophia's different poses.

intensive tennis practice of coach Senior Mr. Ling vs Junior Mr. Ling. (don't tell me you can't differentiate between them)

Baby Sophia had a good time there.

My mum has the most beautiful modeling-posture here! Like it MUM!

 We went out for dinner later but couldn't find any attracting restaurant. We ended up eating at a mamak restaurant.

Supper for the night:- a VERY VERY big dragon fruit. (look at my father's expression) xD

"We love fruit!" baby Sophia.

More to go! Keep in touch! 

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