Friday, March 23, 2012

Port Dickson Day 2

The Second day it's the MAIN Course of the trip--- we took a speed boat to fish!


The place is called Port Dickson Marina. The place is SUPER DUPER TRIPLE NICE!!!! Unfortunately,  It's a private marine unless you own a ship there. =P
So I'm making some eye candy for you all. (see how I love my followers. ><)

We were luckly to go in because of my aunt's friend. Baby Sophia need to do her school homework about transportation, so her mum decided to teach her about ship. So she called this friend and ask to do a one-day-trip.

So here's the pictures, so sunny and nice whether:

Outfit of the day:
Scarlet and Brands Outlet. 
(planned to just top and short, but changed my mind after looking at the sun granpa. Ha!)


Mummy and me.

Baby Sophia got so excited to fish!

I've told you, I've told you: IT's NICE!


Baby Sophia's poses....

sunny till my bro has to cover his face and become typical  Malay girl hahaha....

Uncle-idk-his-name showed us the fishing technique.

Uncle Steven (aka Sophia's dad) with gor gor-idk-what-his-name-2.

One of my favourite picture candid by my bro-- Look like celebrity right? xD

Dad was unlucky that day. Caught small amount of fish only..

A gor CPR the fish! Hahahahah!!!!

Sophia with her different poses.

Bro is handsome with the cap I brought. *Victory*

Tired Sophia. 

That's the day trip. We'd a good time there and then, dinner at a seafood restaurant. The night is quiet, silent but nice. Good day everyone!


  1. Wow, looks amazing there, very jealous

    YY x