Friday, March 2, 2012

Explore the Ugly Faces Through KOT

 I have my KOT (Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan) in my uni few days ago, and I participated in it.

Most of the reason I'm in it is because:

They know I CAN run


I'm annoying in the selection, and they just saw me cause I look BIG (tall). O.O 

And for me, I really: DON'T LIKE RUNNING

cause of: SUN and SWEAT.

Whatever is it. I won two out of three races, but I'm still not satisfied in it

My small little heart tells me: You still run like a tortoise, EVEN WORSE THAN THAT.

I'm retarded.
Snapped a picture of my little cousin. ^^

Here're some of the pictures of that day (I grabbed some of it from my friend):

I always ruin my photo (CLOSE YOUR MOUTH DUDE.)

*I think I always have the courage to share ugly picture, don't I? xP

My pretty and smart and strong junior, who won three prizes. *envy*

My another friend look at the medals like she's so envy (in fact, she doesn't).

Guess I should be like her rather a racer, right?

I  always look crazy with my mouth is opened (which I usually do), but I seriously can't stop opening my mouth when I feel hyperactive (like when my name was announced). how can people hide their happiness in this kind of situation, right right? (All sort of excuses. =P)

I want people to feel I'm prettay even I open my mouth and when I'm without my make up on, but I don't think people will. Bruno Mars has once sing 'Cause girl you're amazing, just the way you are.' But, seriously, is that possible even when a real obese girl is sitting beside you? 

I'm not blaming on fat girl or ugly girl, cause I'm neither fair, clever, fit, or pretty. ( Yeah, I always think that I look damn f**king ugly without make up on)

There's one quote from Chinese, which translate as: 
There's no ugly girl in the world, 
there's only lazy girl.


*This post reminds me of  2NE1's  'Ugly':

At home now, boring cause I don't feel like doing anything. Just had good time with Tobe in Jusco (Fail-Surprise-but-still-sweet-date). Hahaha!!! Thx Dude!

Reader: Any Ruined picture that you dare to share, like me? Ha!

Updated picture: DAMN I LIKE IT!


  1. Well done to you then! We should do some running together someday :)