Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Thing Back Home

We are the best family after all.. (in my thought). We did argue sometimes, but we'll get to each other very closely. My parent have given a good education to the children, Eleanor and Eric. We don't contact each other when we are apart, but we will talk non stop when we are together. We miss each other everyday.
This is my family. 

I came back from study last week and my parent brought us for dinner at my cousin restaurant. Guess what she ordered? Abalone and My favourite Crab.

 I'm easily touched just by food. Hahaha...

Oh, my look of the night:

The pictures of the meal:

Curry- Our All time Fav
My Favourite Crab

I love my family, so much! <3

Readers: What your parent do that make you feel touched? =)

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