Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh! Oh! Oh! My Ozarah Cafe

First of all...

Who says Kelantan dooesn't have good food?

My boy friend posted a picture of the Banana Snowy Dessert served at Ozarah Cafe, the next day me and my other gang members straight away decided to go to that Ozarah Cafe, cause it's so ATTRACTING!!!

My review: 80% (nice food and surrounding)
Weakness: 1)The choice of food is a little lesser
                  2) Pricier

So here, let me show you our official trip to OZARAH Cafe!

Cam-whore even before we went: Loose Curl hair. <3

From Left: Ice Lemon, Banana Milk, Bandung 
Centre: Lemon Tea

My Banana Milk!

Chicken Chop

Oregano Spaghetti.

Black Pepper Chicken Rice

Fish and Chip, Black Pepper Chicken Chop, Oregano Spaghetti, and Chicken Chop

My Chicken Chop!

Here come our Main PURPOSE: Snowy Treat!!!!
Ordered: Oreo-Choco and Banana

Not my saliva-- it's the ice cream drops... ><


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    1. dekat Grandriverview Hotel sana...Boleh lah kita makan kat situ next time.. ^^