Friday, July 20, 2012

Surabaya Ep 4

Omg I have almost forget to update the trip since I have so much entries to do! *excuse*

Okay okay, this entry is talking about the activities we had on the third day. 

Coordinate of the day: 
Theme: Retro
Hair: Front Braided
Accessories: Necklace from Swiss and watches from Gucci and Super big hair band from Daiso
Make Up: Natural
Clothing: Big Flower Dress from mum ( I stole it and edited it myself le.... Proud!)
Shoes: Nude Jelly Shoes at first, then changed to Strapped Rome's shoes since the jelly shoes were hurting my foot. 

We went to Sempoerna that day. It's a very big cigarrete factory in Indonesia and most of the cigarrete sold in Indonesia are produced from them.

They have not only make cigarrete, but involved in music too!

Mum got so excited when she saw the word "Soe" on the board. She was like: :" Didi, faster help me take this picture le! So cunn!" lolx.

After that, we went to visit a ship (I have already forget what the name of it already!) Well, for what I'm very sure about is that it's a battleship that were so important until the government have to keep the "corpse" as a memorial. *It's very very big lo!*

The pretty tour guide in the ship

After that, we were so hot and decided to get chilled in a shopping mall just next to the memorial ship. It's a very big shopping mall and there were promotion so many people were there.

Mum and didi were busy shopping and didi spent the most.

I bought some souvenirs for my friends and got a pair of Strapped Rome's Shoes from the voucher received since didi spent a lot. ;)

Nice eh?

Wah, Imma gonna get myself into a trip soon.. So cannot tahan in this boring room now! haha.

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