Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Cabonara?

Yeah, I notice I've not updating about my healthy diet recipe for quite a while already. 

I'm Sorry....

So yeah, going to post about another favourite food I always cook.
 I called it DIY Cabonara, cause it's white in colour and it definitely tastes like Cabonara. It's super easy to cook and it's delicious too!

FYI, I'm studying in Kelantan and stay in the hostel. I have no fridge, no cooking utensils. I have only a rice cooker and that is my whole lifetime diet partner. Before that, I never know rice cooker can cook either! Ha!

So let's get started!


1)  Campbell's Instant Soup. They come in different flavours but the one I like the most is their "Mushrooms Cheese with Croutons"  cause they have not only cheese flavour but the croutons taste sooooooo gooooood!!!

2) Air dried noodles. They are available in every supermarket. They look similar to instant noodle but they are not! They are very much healthier than instant noodle cause they are air-dried. Whatever it is, if you feel like using instant noodle, than go for it.

 3) Milk Powder. Let me repeat: POWDER. You shouldn't use any liquid milk cause they taste weird. By the way,  I picked Nestle's Everyday Milk powder cause that's the only milk I like. Again, NO LIQUID MILK.

4) Egg. Just one. If you prefer two, then go for it. But personally, I would prefer one cause we can only eat two eggs maximum per day cause it's high in cholesterol. Unless you exercise a lot like Michael Phelps (He eat 6-8 eggs per day!)

So that's it, we are ready to cook! ^^
The steps is almost similar to cooking the instant noodles, so I'm sure you will able to catch what I mean in every steps below:

1) Boil the water. If you wish to have a thicker sauce, go for lesser water; if you wish for watery/soup, go for more water. I switched my recipes every time I cook cause I like variety. hihi. So this version here is for thicker sauce.

2) Put the air-dried noodles in after the water is boiled.

3) I will put the egg in before the Campbell's instant soup powder so that the Croutons stay crispy after it's done. Don't pour the eggs ON the noodle like what I did in the picture below cause is will make the eggs scattered when you want to scattered the noodle. (Pour demonstration!) Instead, pour it little by little at the side and don't stir it until it's 70% cooked. It will look nicer and the egg won't scattered until you don't feel like you've put the egg in.

 4) Pour half of the Campbell's powder in. I'm putting only half packet cause I think it's enough. But the more you put, the nice it tastes, definitely. =) Then stir it.

5) Add a spoonful of milk powder in and stir them too.

With only 5 simple steps, you're done!

 This is the thick-sauce version of DIY Cabonara.
 The watery version.

Ready to cook? I've finished mine! Cook one for me too! 

Addicted face. xD

Try it, you will never regret! ^^

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