Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Bon Odori

BON Festival  is around the corner (14 July)! *Excited*

So do you guy have any idea what I'm going to post here now?

Well, it's not about I'm going for Bon Odori (cause I'm studying in Kelantan) T.T

But I'm going to show you one Japanese Gyaru EYE Make Up Inspration look!

This make up is actually inspired by a current very very very famous model. Do you guy have any idea who is she? 

Yes, she is Fujii Lena! 

*Of course I don't look like her, she is 500% prettier lolx, that's why I called it as INSPIRED look*

Who says people with mole is ugly? Well, if she can become a super model, I suppose everyone accept her beauty. Chinese called them as mei ren zhi (美人痣), which sort of means the mole is making the person prettier. So today I'm going to share whith you the tips of doing Japanese Gyaru-ey  EYE make up tutorial, to welcome this coming Bon Festival! *Fyi, Lena is a Japanese too!*

p/s: I'm doing the tutorial in the other day from the photoshoots, so bare with it if you notice different wearing in different pictures and I didn't wear circle lenses in my make up tutorial.

First of all, to create Gyaru-ey eyes, there are THREE-MUST!
1. Circle lenses
2  Double eyelids sticker (even you have hooded double eyelids, you still have to use it cause that's Gyaru-ey) xD
3. Fake eyelashes.


1) Circle lenses are applied.
2) Stick on your double eyelids stickers. You will notice that your eyes are becoming bigger and more definite after applying them (For monolids, you can apply two double eyelids sticker to make the eyes pop out)

                                  Before                                                     After

3) Apply foundation and two way cake.
4) Apply a bright yellowish colour at the inner corner of your eyes.

5) Apply brown at the outer corner of the eyes. 

6) Eyeliner are applied. I'm making a longer wing than usual to make the eyes look longer.

7) Apply eye liner at the lower waterline and the inner corner of the eyes.

8) Curl your lashes. Apply mascara if desired.

9) Apply fake eyelashes. 

10) Touch up the liner. Dray your eyebrows.

11) Do some fake moles (if you want). xD


12) Apply lower fake lashes for more dramatic eyes look. =)

The result for the eyes:

13) To finish  the look, apply blush and lips and YOU ARE DONE!

Hope you guys enjoy it! Remember to click here if you are interested about the festival.

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