Monday, July 16, 2012

Pumpkin Oh Pumpkin

Okay, I've got to post this entries now before anyone kill me. Those who have tasted it will get what I mean lol. So today I'm gonna teach you guys how to make pumpkin soup in just FIVE simply steps.

If you guys have never tried pumpkin soup, try it now cause you're seriously missing out the heavenly-delicious food! My mum treated me every time I got back from study and I love it until I couldn't stop thinking about drinking it whan I'm in Kelantan. So I've made my own very simple version of making this pumpkin soup and it turn out SUPERB! I'm not kidding, I've cooked it for my friends and they all like it! Especially for those who drinks milk, you'll not resist it. =)

* This tutorial is specially made for those who has insufficient cooking utensils*

The Five Steps Rule: Cut --> Boil --> Smash --> Milk --> Sugar!

Cut off the skin of the pumpkin.
Cut the pumpkin into cubes (the smaller the cube, the easier to let them cooked). and put them in a tin  
Fill up the tin with water and place them into the rice cooker that fill with water too (Refer to the picture above) The rule for the waterline for both tin and rice cooker is that the water does not spill out.

Close the tin with its cover and close the rice cooker too.

After the water in the rive cooker has been dried out, open the tin opener and smash the pumpkin cube to scattered them.

Close up look.

Then, add the milk powder( or condensed milk) and sugar to enhance the taste.

 Stir them up and you've done!

 This drink is suitable to everyone and it's definitely good for health. So why don't you give it a try? ^^

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