Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Face ft No-Face Game

Argh, so much to update, but I've no time for it. Got sick yesterday due to lack of sleep and woke up early in the morning to deal with the Carnival. It's pretty amazing though, or should I say, I enjoyed. ;)

Well, I have never played in the entertainment department before, not at all since I was born. Dad and Mum never allowed, and me and didi were just to lazy and want-face to play there. So there's one day, my friend asked me out for a date and guess where he brought me over? The Entertainment Department.

The want-face me haven't faded (ever!), so I refused to play there and pretended that I don't attracted to it. God knows what's going on with my family traits. But after some time playing car race and basketball, I got addicted. ><

So here's some pictures taken that day. My friend even took a video recorded how bad ass I am in playing basketball.

Outfit of the day: Big Tee and Deer print skinny pants

The thing I like the most about this Big Tee is "the HOLE" lolx.

It's quite trendy to wear printed pants, so I picked up this Deer's Print bought from Shen Zhen.

It's not Christmas, but it still fashionable to wear it. ;)

Camwhore of the day. <3

 We went to Aeon Jusco in Bukit Tinggi and it's quite a boring place to stroll around cause we've always meet up there. But since it's the closes place we can think of, we went there to watch a movie, grab some food and do that Want-Face activity. haha.

@Black Canyon

Since the movie started late, it's time for the new try...... 
(The begining of the no-face me) xD

Started of with the car racing game. 

Then moved on to the basketball section.

I'd looked like a winner in the picture, but in fact, I scored nothing.. ><


Well, after that crazy stuff, we went to Starbucks to chill before hitting the theatre. 

Hunger Games: The Nicest Adventures book I've ever read. <3

"Prometheus" is waiting for us, so, goodbye! xD

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