Thursday, June 21, 2012

Surabaya Ep 2

The second day was a fun day in Surabaya, we woke up early in the morning to breakfast. 

make up of the day

 We had our breakfast buffet at the hotel. The food was decent but we like the egg and the mee.

Then, we went out with a driver and decided to look around to find some vacation spots which were near to our location. The driver had a bad Malay language skill so we can barely communicate. All we did was asking him to bring us to whatever places that he knows it was fun to visit. 

Then he brought us here:


All we saw on top of the ladder was mud and I was asking "what the hell is going on here?" Then one lady with a bag of CD walked toward us and explained it to us. She said, this place were actually housing areas, but it sink at the bottom of the mud (the picture above) due to mine activities. 
There were actually more than 100 housing areas here!

Didi got really crazy idea and he did this on the mud. Quite nice huh? ;)

Then I myself gone crazy with the idea of getting a video clip to insert to my singing cover "Let's Get Married", so I did a heart shape on the mud. It was fun so check this out!

After that, we continued asking the driver the same question, and he asked if we want to visit the Safari so we said yes. Didi said it's a popular place cause it was introduced in the vacation forum while he googled the vacation spots in the internet.

Didi with me. =)

Tigers looked tired when we arrived and they don't even bothered to look at us. :(

One of the most adventurous thing happened when we visited the lions: 

Things happened too quickly and accidentally so didi only able to captures this picture. Do you know what is going on? It was the lion chasing after us. 
No, not a lion. There were TWO lions! 

People in the car, including the driver were so afraid cause the lions reached our car from both side. Our driver looked so funny with his nervous face and slowly drove away from the lions area. All we did after that was laughing loudly in the car! lolx.

I think our car had the sense of attraction to the animals. If not, why the zebra is kissing our car? 

Some kind of cow or goat with hairy camel hump and super long horses-like legs. lolx

The elephants show.

Before I end my post today, let me show you my Outfit of the Day:

Scarlet half-transparent lace top, jeans shorts, with jelly shoes. Bag: Longchamp L size.

Readers: More interesting entries of Surabaya will be coming soon, I'll be posing and taking photoshoots at the Candi, so Stay Tuned! ;)

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