Friday, July 18, 2014

Red Bean Cafe, Kelantan

Ok, here's another good place to go in Kelantan.
A very homely style of restaurant.

It's called Red Bean Cafe.
Me and HP has been hunting for good food right before the practicumm started 
So here's one of it :)

According to HP, this restaurant is originated from a housing style restaurant 
Slowing they change the whole house into the restaurant.
Guess they are becoming rich and are able to get a bigger better house lol.

Their menu

shan't talk too much,
Please enjoy some eye candy ;)

Super damn envy HP's nice camy, but mine is not bad either :P

My Fav!
The salad roll.
Simple yet delicous!
I would love to eat it everyday as my breakfast LOL.

Can't remember the name, but it's a cheese cake.
This is a good one.
Not very cheesy, not very sponge-y.
It taste "healthy" haha.

Cendol cake
Very special one.
I was expecting more cendol taste unfortunately it turn out just like any other sponge cake, 
or may be a healthier version ><

HP's specially introduce: Mee Soup.
For me it's a very decent food.
But yes it's delicious in it's decent way (if that make any sense) :D

Chicken chop.
It's not the best chicken chop but it's pretty tasty. 

Overall I would say it's a very homely restaurant 
with it's very healthy menus.
If you are someone who practice healthy diet,
this would be the right place for you!


Location: Kebun Sultan, Near to Pustaka Seri Intan Book Shop.
Can't locate the exact place yet. Will update once I got the exact add. ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to make Egg Benedict with Rice Cooker

I'm sure you guys have seen me posting lots and lots of food pichas recently.

Yes, today I am going to share with you guys a rice cooker recipe 
for making my favourite Egg Benedict. 

As you know, I live in hostel and I can't cook recenlty due to restriction.
So don't get me wrong, these pichas is taken before the rules was enforced ;)

Before we start, 
I shall give you guys a rough mindset about what's the outcome.
I have only a rice cooker.
no fridge,
no cooking pan,
no other cooking utensil like microwave,
or oven.

So with limited source of food,
and also limited equipment
I try to do as much food as I can to fullfill my food desire.
I am a western food lover
and I always exploring food around the world.

So I tried to make egg Benedict one day cause I was craving for it.
And after several times of experiment,
I have got the recipes right.

So here you go, enjoy!

There are four steps we are going to do to make egg Benedict:
1) baked the bread
2) prepare the filling: bacon/ vege of your choice.
3) make hollandaise sauce.
4) make half -boiled egg
*make sure you follow the steps to avoid mess.*

Things you need (for two servings):
Three eggs,
two pieces of lettuce,
two pieces of tomatoes
and two pieces of edge-cutted bread (You can use any other bread)

We start with baking the bread:
Apply some margarine on the bread

and put the bread on the heated cooker.
*to prevent cooker to turn off the cooking state,
put a tissue or whatever to prevent the button to click off.

Flip the bread several times to make sure it cooked.
I like it a bit brown so here's it!

Now we gonna prepare the filling.
 I am doing a vege one so I make sure the tomatoes and lettuce piece is dried.
*Use a clean tissue to suck the water out.

Cut the lettuce to fit the size of the bread

Finished with filling,
we move on to Hollandaise sauce.
seperate one egg yolk from egg white.

Add some salt, pepper, sugar and squeeze just a little bit of lemon.

Then whisk the egg yolk.

while continue to whisk the egg, 
add the warmed margarine liquid into the bowl  little by little.
*Make sure that you whisk at the same time to make sure the margarine are blended into the barter.

Then just warm it at the warm water
*Don not put it at the boil water or hot water or else the egg will become scramble egg due to high temperature*

And then we can move on to the last step
The half-boiled egg.

The point is,
make the egg white cook but leave the egg yolk uncook.
and make the egg white cover the egg yolk as much as possible.

The secret of making it happen is to add some lemon (or any acidic liquid such as vinegar) and a little of salt to the boiled water.

And pour the egg from the bowl
*Do not pour it straight from the egg*

Drained the water from the egg by using towel tissue after you take it out.

Arrange the filling accordingly.

Place the egg on top.

Pot the Hollandaise sauce.

And there you go! :D

Leave a comment below if you have tried it, test it, 
or you need further explanation on making a great Egg Benedict! ;)