Monday, May 4, 2015

Kuala Terengganu China Town Trip - Places and Food Guide

All right,
I have promise myself to update about my whole trip to KT China Town asap so I'd better keep my promise. :)

Besides sharing with you my story, 
I'm also gonna share with you some tips and guide about the trip to the town.
In case anyone of you are interested of coming to the town, 
you can have more information from here :)

I made a vlog to sums up the entire trip.
So check it out :)


China Town of Kuala Terengganu is actually just a normal road along the way in Kuala Terengganu. 
The reason it's called China Town is that because it's the only place in Terengganu state that contains culture and decorations that represent Chinese cultures. 
I am not sure if there's any other place that has this same characteristics as China Town, 
but as far as I know, since Terengganu is a Muslim States,
China Town is the one and only town that are kind of Chinese-y, similar to Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. 

To visit this place, a 2D1N trip will be enough. 
This town isn't so big for exploration.
So a short trip will be enough.

Tips: If you are having a long holiday, it's a great chance to have a trip to Redang island right after visiting this town since the jetty is already very near! 

Ok, before we start exploring the town, 
this is the place we stay in China Town:
KT China Town Lodge.
Located right at the centre of the town. Pretty convenient. 
RM 128 per night. for a three person stay. 
Room was fantastic, with air-con ready even before we enter the room
Bed and sheets were clean and new. 
Design was simple yet very chinese-y hahah.
Washroom was awesome with enough pressure for the shower. BOOM!
Wifi is served but a little too slow at some time. 
Otherwise, all good! 

Food Section

All right,
once check in, 
let's eat! :D

Madam Bee Traditional Restaurant.
Served all the traditional local food that was super awesome and delicious. 
Located right along the road at ChinaTown

Our great meal of the day. 

So delicious that Mee Chin Jie Jie and I can even lick the sauce alone. 
It's a cold plate of veggies and local popular keropok that was spread with rojak sauce. 
Crunchy, tasty, sweet, sour, and a little bit of spiciness that is good for appetizing. :)

Terengganu's Laksa. 
Different from the one served in Kelantan, 
Terengganu's Laksa is a bit more fishy and milky. 
Different from the one you tasted in Penang, 
this one is white in colour :)
Give it a try if you are an adventurous person, 
but I cannot guarantee that everyone would love the taste :D

Terengganu's Loh Mee. 
A more decent food.
Noodles comes with a more thick texture of soup. 
Taste of sweet and sour. 
Served with fishballs, veggies, and chicken. 
Would prefet Klang's version of Loh Mee but this one is acceptable as well :)

Bai Guo Fu Zu Yi Mi Tong Sui. (白果腐竹薏米糖水)
It's a kind of  dessert that taste sweet.
made from Ginkgo, beans and barley. 
It's my favourite dessert of all!
Served in either cold or hot, but usually people drink it hot. 

One of the best thing you can't miss in Kuala Terengganu is their local keropok!
Keropok is a deep fried crackers that made from fish and starch. 
Crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. 
Served with the local chili sauce that is mostly sweet. :D
One of the restaurant that served the best keropok in the town will be On the Way Kopitiam
So do pay a visit if you wanna try this thing out! ;)

For coffee lovers, 
there's a good news for you guys. 
Star Anise offers you a good brew of coffee!
I have made a special entry for the shop so <click here> to read more of it :)

Apart from that, 
You can also visit the local westernize restaurant called Tappers

Also located right in the town, 
this restaurant offers you western vintage environment.
Only, the food was so-so.

Chicken Chop, Beef Bolognese, and Fried Calamari Rings
Expecting to eat something hot but they were all cold when served.
Beef was totally overcooked.
However, the serving is big and the price was acceptable.
I bet they sell the environment rather than the food. 

Random pictures before we start eating. 

Other than that, 
T. Homemade Cafe is a must-go restaurant while you are in the town. 

Good breakfast for a good day :)

At the front is Chi Qiong Fan (rice noodle roll), and at the back is the veggies wrap we call Chai Kuey.
Both were purchased at the stall at the corner of the restaurant. 

Make me hungry by just looking at it. DAMN.

We were craving for half-boiled egg that morning.
So we each ordered one. 
So Fresh! So Yummy! 
Can't help but too say this is by far the best half-boiled egg I've tasted. 
Sounds funny when I comment about the eggs but I don't care cause it's simply too delicious. 

Small bun 小面包
One of the must try thing in China Town.
Look decent but trust me, it's so delicious!
God I'm feeling fat.
Fyi, spread the butter and kaya jam on the bun evenly and bite!

One of the must try for juice-people!
T Homemade Cafe offers variety of fruit juice that mix and match with different taste. 
Mango with dragon fruits, lime with red velvet, soursop with melon. 
All kind of mix fruit juice and they all taste GOOD.

Place Section
Ok ok, done with the food section,
lets move on to the place. 
KT China Town is best known for its mural painting at the backstreets.
It's like playing hide-and-seek.
You go, you found, you take pictures, and find another one on the other streets.
And you take pictures again. 
Treasure hunt :D

But before the mural painting, 
Turtle Alley is a must go place.
Terengganu is well-known for turtles. 
During the season, many turtles come to the bay and lay eggs at the beach. 
Thus, a Turtle Alley is build to remind people to love this little cute animal. 

OK, done with the turtle alley,
Lets move on with the mural painting!
Trust me, there are so many of them around the town so walk around!
Try find them like finding treasure! 
Enjoy the moment :D

Local Malay Slang written on the painting.

  All right!
Hope this entry helps in guiding you during the trip!