Saturday, May 14, 2016

Krabi 4D3N Trip (Places and Food!)

Hello guys!
It has been half a year that I haven't been able to keep up on track with blogging since i was so occupied with my work. 
I just graduated from my university and started to work full time as a teacher.
Got my new life started so it takes quite a long time to settle down. 

I finally decided to edit my video and update my blog a lil. 
Surprisingly, i checked my blog and was astonished by my blog overview. 
I have an average of 100 views everyday!
I know it didn't mean much to famous bloggers out there but for a decent blogger like me, 
it actually motivates me to keep blogging!
TO all the viewers out there,
I owe you my thanks! :)

So today I am sharing with you my trip to Krabi with Jioeve for a 4D3N holiday vacation. 
We had a wonderful experience there so I am going to share with you the places and food that you can try when it's your turn to be there! :)

Before that, 
I would like to show you my vlog to make a clearer view of the timeline as I took lesser pictures during the trip. 
It was better if you view the vlog first to have a better idea of the whole trip.

Lets start with a picture of me
Waiting for the airplane at the boarding room. ;)

So the first day was actually just about flight and check in to the hotel .
We reached there about evening so all we did was enjoy the hotel scenery, dinner, and strolling around the streets near our hotel. 

Our room. 
We stayed at Ao Nang Mini House. 
We choose this hotel as it gained so much good comments at Trip Advisor. 
And it was truly not disappointing at all!
The receptionist was so friendly as if we were her long-lost friend. 
All the staffs speak quite fluent English so you do not have to worry about communication. 
They also provide night time drink until 12am so you can basically sit and relax at the lobby. 
The bedroom was simple yet fully-equipped. 
You can also request universal adapter and hair dryer at the counter.
Room was clean and large enough for you to roll around the floor lol. :)

Our welcoming drinks - some kind of refreshing flower drink.

Changed into dress and we are ready to hunt for food!

We went to a restaurant recommended by the receptionist. 
Massaman is the restaurant name and it's about five minutes walk from our hotel.
The restaurant gain 4.5 /5 rate on Trip Advisor and it was really a good place to recommend!
This is a place where the staff were friendly, fluent in English, and good enough to recommend you dishes that suits your taste. 
As you know, Thai food is about spicy. 
So if you want to make it less spicier, feel free to ask the staff for it as they are willing to help you to customize your dishes, 
Prices are all cheap, considering Ao Nang streets are one of the tourist attraction places. 

Anyway, we didn't have much to do on our first day so we headed bed early for the next day. 

We had luxurious breakfast at the hotel. Well serviced. 

So the next day was all about island tour
Four islands that are highly recommended in Krabi:
Railey Beach
Koh Tub
Koh Gai (Chicken Island)
Koh Poda

So we went all four of them! ^^

Railey Beach with Princess Cave the other end of the beach. 

Koh Tub

Koh Poda

We spent most of the time at Koh Poda so we took more pictures here. 

Sun bathing till my skin is burning hot-tan LOL.

We went back about 4pm and rest for a while before headed out for dinner. 

Crazy selfies before headed out lol! :D

We wanted to try out new food so the receptionist recommended Boat Noodles. 
I also requested nice Pad Thai So she said Ao Nang Boat Noodles is the restaurant we are looking for. 
The Boat Noodles are really good!
The Pad Thai was out of my expectation since I expected it to be the same taste as the one in Bangkok (guess they cook it differently in Krabi).

Then we went strolling, 
hunting for street food too! :)

One of the best drink you can get in Krabi is their fruit juices!
Their juices are all freshly made with mostly tropical fruits and they are so cheap 
(about RM3 for about a 250ml cup of super delicious fruit juice. You definitely can't get it here in Malaysia).

There are also a lot of stalls selling their local style of pancake. 
We were curious about it so we try one with Nutella Banana Flavour. 
Taste good :)

Then, we went to their local bistro for a night chill out. 
By that time we were so full that we couldn't take in anymore food so we only ordered two cocktails. 

I couldn't remember the name of the pub/bistro but it was crowded with foreigners.
The singers sang pretty good and people were dancing around. 
It was fun. 

The third day was our leisure day so we went up pretty late.
We had our breakkie at around 10am then headed out to Ao Nang Beach,
which is about 7- 10 minutes walk from our hotel. 

Just right when we were done camwhore and ready to eat,
a silly monkey went down from the roof toop 
and dig his freaking hand into Jioeve's chocolate drink. O.o
She shouted like crazy and then we were escorted back to our room with our food, 
The receptionist were sorry about it and brought us a new drink.

So this picture was taken.

We were suppose to go out right after our breakfast but since Jioeve was freaked out from the incident,
we went out at about 12pm.

We went back at about 4pm and was so hungry since we skipped our lunch. 
So we decided to head  out earlier for dinner.

still can't forget about selfies lol

We went to a highly recommended place called the Ton Ma Yom. 
This place is so famous that you need to pre-book a table at least one day before hand. 
And it was really good. 

The forth day, 
which was our last day at Krabi, 
was about Krabi City Tour. 
We went Tiger Cave Temple and Marine Fish Rehabilitation Centre (Check it out in my video)
And then headed to the airport. 

So this is the end of our Bff trip!
looking forward to another one!
Promise to post more since you guys give so much love to view my blog posts. 
See ya! :)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Chapter Cafe, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Writing this post make me miss Kelantan very much. 
I haven't been back to KB after I graduated,
but my heart still lingering around the memories I created there. 
Although I deeply want to come back to hometown, 
I have a lot of good experiences and exploration in the place I called it "my second-home".
Today I am going to share with you about a cafe I been before the holiday. 

It's called Chapter Cafe.
*scroll down for more information. 

Chapter Cafe is a modern American theme cafe
With woods and palettes as their main decoration,
Chapter cafe has created a decent and pleasant feeling for their customers. 

Went there with Jing Wen babe and Huan babe (and Nee otw) :P

I have ordered their avocado yoghurt, while jingwen and huan each ordered their soda and sparkling water. 
I will not comment about the soda and sparkling water since it's all the same, 
but the yoghurt taste nice!
(They offer coffee as well, and I have ordered it once but it's quite disappointing so I have never tried it again)

Medley Seafood Spaghetti
I actually like the plate dressing!
Doesn't it look classy and nice?!
However, the portion is a lil small for the price (RM 14.90)
And  if you think about A LOT OF seafood when you come around with the word 'medley',
well, this is not qualified. :P

Deep Fry Crispy Chicken Chop with barbeque sauce, 
They come with mushroom and black pepper sauce as well!
I really like this because the chicken wiss well-fried with real crispy skin.
Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. 
The sauce fits it just well. 
The wedges is tasty and crispy as well. 
It serves the name well 
*thumbs up*

I apologize as I forgot the name of this dish. 
It's somehow nowhere to be found in their menu in their fb page
This is probably in their snack page 
May be you can show them this picture to ask them about the dish. 
The two types of sausages really tasted good!

This one too. 
I suppose this is on their snack menu but I can't find it. 
However, this is really nice. 
I can't remember what it was but the taste LOL.

Really miss them alot!
Even thought I am stepping into another chapter of life,
I will always remember you guys :)

Chapter Cafe
Location: Lot 1084, Seksyen 29, Jalan Taman Tengku Ahmad Panglima Kota Bharu
Facebook Page: <click here>
Contact No: 09-743 3787
Opening Hours: (Tue-Sun) 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Cuisine: American , Breakfast, Burgers, French and Italian
*Take Reservation, Walk-in*