Monday, June 4, 2012

Update 040612

I think I need some inspiration to write a good blog entry here. I've wonder and too much eating, causing me a little over weight now. okay I'll have to cut down all the fattening food hunting plan. :/

I'm doing some sort of singing video again. It's still in the process so stay tune!

The main purpose I'm writing this blog is to tell you guy an idea of putting a section of "Music of the day" in each blog entry start from this. You guy should know how much I like music and I'm sure everyone of you like music too. So I'll post up "music of the day" in each of my blog entries, with all kind of songs or music: the latest music, Kpop, English, Japanese or even music. The whole idea is to share the good music with you guy. You know what is the best part? You can get the latest update of songs and show off to your friends. haha. but I can't guarantee for how "latest" the song will be kay. 

Okay, so here's the new song "Still Alive", at least I think so. It's from Bigbang's special album <<Still Alive>> and this song is quite fun to hear. Kpop fans sure know that Bigbang are popular their autotune, so this song is not excluded. It's easy to sing since it keep repeat the word "I'm still alive". Therefore, this song is really useful in our daily life cause whenever you got in trouble and you want to tell people you're ok, you can sing "I'm still alive." xD

Okay okay, I know I'm talking crap. Here's the song:

Remember to check out the album of you have the time! The other songs are good too. ;)

Readers: Do you think my "Music of the Day" idea is good? Should I continue it? ^^

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