Monday, April 2, 2012

Wow, Fantastic Baby~

If you are Kpop Fans, you are sure to be familiar with the title...


I'm a huge fans of them: Both Appearance and Songs--
They are Fantastic Baby!!!

So you probably asking me: 
What the heck are you doing here with all this???

I'm proud to present:

The BigBang Inspired Make Up Tutorial!

Yes, a make up tutorial. Wierd huh?


This Make up tutorial is actually inspired by the colourful rockers/ rapers/ singers appeared in all the BigBang Members. (Do you know Kpop like colourful details? Yes, they are Professional in it!)

This is what I dedicate:

Nice Or Not? Real BigBang feel right?

Closer Look:
I told you, It's Fantastic!!!

Okay, Want to learn how to do this? Here you go:

Colour used: Silver, Orange, Red, Black, Green, and Blue. (I'm pretty sure that all the colours have been used in the mv!)

                             1) Primer on your eyelids              2) Silver shimmer added to the inner        
                                                                                       corner of your eyes

                        3) Orange shade at the middle eyelids      4) Red at the outer corners of your eyelids.

                        5) Add blue at the very outer corner     6) Black added to make the wing and
                                                                                        sweep some of across your eye socket.

                         7) Clean it up and make perfect wings   8) Eyeliner- Wing and connected
                                                                                          to the black eyeshadow.

Complicated part 1 (I'll make the image bigger do you all can see it clearly):
Draw an usual lower eyeliner, then make three little wings at the the lower eye lids (as the picture shown).

Complicated Part 2:
Draw the eyeliner at the inner corner of your eye to define your eyes shape.

Blue for the lower eye lids as the picture shown.

Green for the middle of the wings as picture shown (I'm bad at explaining, so just watch)


At a silver shimmering colour/ eyeliner to the inner corner of your lower eyeli

For a more dramatic look, False eye lashes is needed. (I'm using a more natural one I wan the eyeshadows to appear more)

Apply it and let it dry.

Contour and hightlight (eyebrow and nose bridge)

I think I look pretty already right? Hahaha....

Not yet, we still have cheek colour to go....

Nude lip is my choice cause I want to focus my make up on the eyes area.

Hehehe, I felt I should curl my hair that day, so... ^^

After a very long time (not thaaaat long la....)


I changed my clothes again cause the Black Polo-T can't show out the curl (Wasted!) 

Red ok right?

Rock or Not? Rock right? Hahaha! 

BigBang Sarangheyo! <3

How is it? Leave comment to let me know! Love ya!

p/s: This picture look too feminine, not that i don;t like, but it's out of the range, so I put it out of the box, just to share.Hehehe..

What do you feel? Is this better or a rock one better? :)

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