Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Day and McD Day

Easter Day in Kelantan here was raining for the whole day. It's a cold whether, but my friend lured me with McDonald. At last, I went out with a pretty thick clothes on me.

Actually, we planned to pick Horlick Crunch Mcflurry that day, but it's still not available in Kelantan! (frustrated).  So I decided to pick Strawberry Mcflurry. T.T

Still, I ate happily... :)

We can't leave the Ester Day without church. :)

Got a piece of cake and an egg for Easter Day!

It's a quite simple day but I'm glad of it.

Update: Me and Jing Wen got to eat Horlick Crunch McFlurry the next day! Victory!!!!

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