Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pulau Perhentian Day 2 (Evening Part)

Evening Part is the sweetest part after all, cause my and Jing Wen went for photoshoot gau gau!!! hahaha...

All right, at first, me and my friend went to a restaurant which he wanted to try on, but failed cause they were closed till night. Looking how disappointing he was, we went for a walk at the beach and met the rest of our gang. We chit-chatted but I felt bored. I sneaked out from their bunch and started my camwhore. Hahaha!

Look at the pictures, they are spectacular, so---I did not regret of sneaking out from them. I DID NOT. xP

Then Toby sneaked out from the gang too and offered to help me with the shooting, so why not? (but I'm a shy girl lol)

But look, he's poor at taking pictures (using my phone camera) xD:

Ok larrr, what do you expect? xD

Both of us felt like eating something later, and he said he was starving already, we quickly went there for his early dinner.

Toby's dinner selection: super big burger. It was only 5pm but he said he didn't care.

I ordered My Favourite Banana Split, cause I just wanted a dessert.

The Most delicious Banana Split I ever had. <3

Toby took a photo of me with banana split. (not bad, dude!)


I think my camwhore works better. ;)

If you wonder, where is Jing Wen? Well, she was 'abandoned' in the room and left herself camwhoring and polish her nails red with the nail polish I've bought over. xD

Around 6pm, we met and start our photo bulking.

She's talking on the phone again... :p

I'm afraid it's a long blogpost, so I'll end here and stay tune for the night part!

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