Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pulau Perhentian Day 2 (Day Part)

It was a lovely day. Me and Jing Wen woke up at 8.30 am to prepare for the photo shoots. (hahaha!). Basically, we played in the water, sun-bathed ourself and took a lot of pictures!.

The morning was just tooooo beautiful. <3

woke up with a sleepy look.

ready for sun-bathing!!!

Our breakfast- Kelantan Maggie Mee...

The morning was beautiful. *happy*

After our breakfast, we went to the beach, rent an umbrella and started our activities of the day!

We met Voltiaro, an Italian guy.

We played soccer and monkey ball -- It was CRAZY!

Sand play (just like child) xD

I'm a child too! ^^

just like this picture, cause it shows my curve. ;P

Toby joined us after his researches and we went to a restaurant for lunch with the others.

Watermelon Lassi  --- I Like It SOOO MUCH!

Cabonara, which I was so eager to eat!

Toby's Chic Salad.

Me and Toby (photo bombing) 

Jing Wen's Special Burger (she said it's special for it's size, but not it's taste. xD)

We wondered around to digested the food, had a tea time Mocha drinks, then went back to get change for our evening look!

Reader: It had been a long day, so I'll split the story into two part. For more photos, visit my facebook page. ;)

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