Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pulau Perhentian Day 2 (Night Part)

Night life in Pulau Perhentian is the most beautiful and colourful scenery I ever had. Let me bring you into the night life of the beach! <3

Sorry my camera can't take any scenery of night time. Poor camera. 
(Who can sponsor me a good camera? I promise I'll blog more. ><)

Well, after camwhoring with Jing Wen,  we went for dinner at Paranoma.

Roti Canai

Toby ordered Fried Snickers  for his dessert

and everyone is so curious with it..... xD

Mine and Jing wen's Aglio Prawn Spaghetti

After eating, we went to the bar, drunk and listened to the song. It was so NICE!

Photos with my buddy..

I wasn't that high until Kris hand me the Vodka. 
Then after three cups of it, I'm Like A G6!!!! 
 All Thanks to Kris the Mat Salleh!
We drunk, we chated, and we Dance!

(and I camwhored) xD

We even played with the crazy spects.

I look like a crazy woman hor? xD


  1. shots shots shots shots! lol looks like fun, delicious food, good music, crazy specs : )