Monday, May 5, 2014

Food in Penang - Restaurant

Yea I went to Penang for a crazy three days getaway from the hectic Kelantan life.
and yea, this time, I travelled alone again. 
(First time was in Johor meeting up with Jing Wen you can click here and here for the posts.).
and this time was a crazy one-person-trip cause most of the time I walked and explored alone or just stayed in the room.

It's kinda a Sagittarius's thing cause I can't live without freedom LOL.
I have to say I am glad to be a girl cause if I am a boy I will be damn spoiled (if you get what I mean).

Anyway I am here to update my dusty blog.
It's a three day trip but I decided to part it into different posts cause it makes my blog look professional wtf?
Anyway I better get into my real topic of the day.

Mizi Bistro.
Well once you heard the word 'bistro' you do better not to ask me again whether it's halal or not ok or I'll dig out your eyes.

and the best thing?
They have this freaking awesome RM 25 set meal.

Me and the chef were crazy cause we have added another main course and salad.
Can't help cause I have to taste all the good food at once LOL.
*Tq Ginger* :)

I always like the bread as the appetizer although I know it will make me full before the right meal. >< 

Something you can't miss: The mushroom soup!!!! 
OMG the best one I have ever tried (Y)

Ginger's Shirloin Steak Au Poivere. 
I am not keen on it but Chef Ginger said this is exactly this right taste.

The biggest Ceaser Salad so it's called the "GREAT CEASER SALAD"
only cost you RM 15.50 but the size is definitely worth two of it :)
( or at least compare it to KL's price)

My Chicken Parmigiana
My fav my fav!!!! <3 <3 <3

The crazy luxurious meal that we were not able to finish it at the end.

Didn't able to catch up with my ice-cream but anyway here's picha to compensate :P

A Big THANKS to Chef Ginger who has brought me to this place since this place was her favourite place.
and believe me, she's definitely right.

Come on look at the pichas (wtf)?
All right let me show you some of a more professional prove all right...

Can't you see?
Ranked no. 24 out of 879 restaurants in Penang Island 
no. 8 out of 312 in Georgetown.
More reviews? Click here then. 

I am no bluffing right? I made my homework :P

So yea it's great, and definitely worth a try!
and once you tried, you will want it again :)

Address: Lot No. G3, G/F, tesco Tanjung Pinang, Tanjong Tokong, 10470, Pinang
Tel: 04- 898 2921

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