Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Penang Hawker Food

All right, now it's turn for some down-to-earth Penang Hawker Food!

Penang is popular with lots of hawker street food,
and you can find it anywhere in the food courts.

Here's some food that I have tried, 
and also been recommended by two of my crazy food-experts, 
Way Sern and Ginger the chef. 

The Food Court that we've been, 
according to google map,
is called New Lane Hawker Street in George Town.
 I am guessing it is correct but I don't know if it's true LOL.

But somehow in my opinion, everyone has their own perspective of labelling "GOOD" food.

So the thing I can do here is,
to show you guys what is the food which you should try in Penang.
But not where is the best place to try the food in Penang.
I hope I make it clear. ><

Char Kue Tiaw, always the TOP MUST in Penang.

Oh Jien, 
or literally translate as 'fried oyster omelette' (LOL),
 a kind of seafood that Asian love to eat.

One of my favourite in Penang, Grilled Chicken.
Super tasty in New Lane Hawker Street, I don't know if any place has it as good as this one. 

Satay oh Satay~
(and this is the pork one, super delicious!)

Cuttlefish (we just called it as 'sotong' in Malay) with curry paste. 
Very Asian-ish cooking style. 


Not done, yet.

We went for the second hawker style food hunting the other day.

Some selfie is a must :P

Asian style fried bacon, and some intestine.
I only dare to try the bacon and guess what?
and will be a good companion with something call 'alcohol' LOL.

Next, Asam Laksa.
I know the one in Ayer Hitam is so freaking popular for their Asam Laksa, but guys, 
This one is different.
It's called the Popia Asam Laksa.
Specially recommended by the Penang Locals, 
super unique cause you have popia to deep into the soup and eat, 
while eating the noodles.
Something you will not find in other place,
and it's superb! :D

Prawn noodle soup.
In Penang they are called Hokkien Mee,
which surprised me cause in KL Hokkien Mee is totally a different food ><

Ice Kacang with Ice-cream. Something decent.

All right, that's it for my stomach. 

But I have more for you guys,
I have made some searching from the internet,
and I'm gonna show you some other food you can try when you are in Penang. 

Eel Ball Soup.
Fish Ball that made of Eel fish. 

Loh Mee

Mee Goreng (Fried Mee)

Seafood Popia

Cendol (Typical Malaysian's Food)

Curry Mee

Oh God if your stomach can fit them all.... xD

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