Monday, May 19, 2014

Penang Relaxing Stops - Day and Night

Okay, this is going to be very random cause it's all about the relaxing stop you can go from day to night.

1) Beach: 
Penang is an island,
so basically it's surrounded with sea water.
However, the most popular sea side will be Batu Ferringhi Seaside.
And feel free to visit here if you are a sun lover like me :)

2) Shisha
My first time trying it. and I enjoyed it.
I am not saying I addicted to it,
but it's really a fun night :)

3) Night life: Club

I went to Soho Club in Penang 
and it was not a bad experience
(except one old hiao poh lady trying to blamed her own fall glass on us)

This fucking handsome DJ was keep looking at me I am not lying. 
We had a good click that night ;)

It's so good when you can meet new friends. :)

This was supposed to be three of us selfie but ended just me
And I like it :P

Another awesome DJ I came across in the club :)
who can really rap.

Anyway, thx so much for all the people who have guided and helped me when I am in Penang for this crazy three days getaway! 
Thx Ginger, Way Sern, Raj, Sarah.
And Nice to meet you Whitey and her friend, and also crazy Sherlyn! ;)

See you again Penang! :D

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