Saturday, December 15, 2012

Traditional English Afternoon Tea for Two

This is actually a very small entry but I am making it full with my own photos since I try  something very cute and sweet look here.

Went down to my favourite mall, Setia City Mall with Gin Ger to have a day with her.
Went to my favourite restaurant again--- Delicious!
Decided to have "Traditional English Afernoon Tea for Two".

Hungry face since it's 3pm and we haven't had our lunch yet.
 The food hasn't arrived too... *So many people*

So hungry....................

The side order I have ordered: Chilli Con Carne Cheese Fries 

Our Cappucino.


The Strawberry is super delicious! 
It's not that sour and it's so watery!!!!! Ummmm Yummy!!!! ^^

Something really funny at the restaurant:
I was enjoying the strawberry
I just took the whole strawberry stick,
and stuffed them into my mouth,
was shouting "it was so tasty! Its was so tasty!"
The next thing happened, 
was Ginger cutting the strawberry one by one,
cut them into pieces,
and dipped them into a chocolate dip served along the strawberry.
Only then I realized how Uncivilized my action was.... 

But ...

Who the hell cares?

I'm enjoyed! :P

*Gin Ger is a chef, so the chef makes her way k... I'm just following my instict... xD*

Traditional English Afternoon Tea for Two
Served in a Triple Tiered stand Warm Scones with Preserves & Cream

Assortment of Finger Sandwiches
Duck Confit Tartlets

Strawberries with a Chocolate Dip
Hand-rolled Chocolate Truffles

Rosemary & Cheese Cookies

Choice of any one piece from cakes on display
Choice of any two cups of hot coffee or tea

Went H&M to shop and stuffed in the fitting room.
Bought a cute things for Christmas, couldn't wait to wear it! :)

Sexy outfit ma??? xD

See ya!

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