Monday, December 10, 2012

Beauty and the Beast Musical

Haiya Everyone! 

So sorry for not updating for a long long time...
Was having a busy holiday with works and illness. 
Just had a wonderful birthday and now trying to update my blog.
Got upset cause my picture storage in Picasa finished.
Found a way to continue posting pictures but it's so complicated and annoying. 
But how can I post entries without posting pictures?
It's insane, but I'll have to do the complicated way.

Argh, the way to earn money is frustrating!!!

Anyway, the whole point of posting this entries is to tell you guys about this very interesting show happening in Sunway Pyramid.

It's called the Beauty and the Beast Musical Show.

Went there with little buddy on the 9th of December, one day after my birthday.

Got happy and crazy so try to act cute and barbie-ish  so here's the outcome:

Look frighteningly successful uh? xD

Anyway, got a Starbucks coffee along the road to Sunway. Love how the snowflakes was designed on the cup! *Christmas*

The Look again ><

Went Fullhouse for dinner before the entering at 7.30pm.

Ordered Alfredo but wasn't a good choice because it's way too sweet for me. Yuckksss!

Okay! Heading to Surf Beach to watching the show!!!!

It was a Big CROWD!!!!! @.@

Self-Obsessed, sorry >< 

Well, just let you guys know that the signs of not taking pictures is there and you have to follow it, so I was not supposed to take pictures..



You guys should pity me, cause it's raining outside and we have to travel in that small tiny crew van, picking up each and everyone from one station to the Amphitheatre to watch the show. 
The pictures above is taken right after we have found our seat after walking under the stupid rain ><

Definitely not recommend you guys to wear heels there (walk till your leg swollen!) xD

The look of the theatre. <3

The crowd (Imagine the crew brings all of them here through a van) ><

Okay, I was not suppose to take pictures when the show starts, but this is just a quick shot without flash to give you guys a quick look of how's the musical looks like.

 Overall, it's was fantastic!

Here's the Orchestra Band from Philippines and they have made good impact on this spectacular musical!!!!! *Clapssssss*

Love it!!!! ^^

You Guy should buy the tickets now and come and enjoy it!!!!

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