Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All About Christmas and Fun!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I'm got this craziness over the month since I'm back from Kelantan for holiday. 
I've been taking all the picture that means a lot of Christmas 
and Fun as well!!!

Lets start with Sunway Pyramid's.....

Playing with camera before going to cinema... so. ;)

I got a BIG present for Christmas, thx Santa!! xD

Pavilion KL

I'm so sorry for I've only one good picture for it, since I'm so lacking of Christmas mood that time. Don't know why, may be it's because I was rushing to the theatre (again) :P

The last place is the place I like the most.


With their beautiful decoration, I was overwhelmed and decided to go down with precious Gin Ger to take pictures and of course, do some Christmas shopping!!! ^^

The crowd.. OMG I don't know how I survived in it.. ><

A Christmas Kiss from me xD

Gin Ger photobomb-ed perfectly. ;)

I LOVE THIS!!!! Arghh so cutiieee!!!! ><

Okay that's it for today! 

Hope you guys are enjoying your day...

and Happy Holiday!!! ^^

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