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Maldives in Southern Asia - LOMBOK - Places and Foods! [Part 1]

The first thing I step into the land of Lombok island, 
I was stunned. 
I didn't took the pictures of the big crowd in the airport as I was so astonished by the crowd as if I am a celebrity. :P

So here we are, LOMBOK ISLAND!
I am so sorry I bluffed few months back, stating I was in Maldives but clearly I wasn't LOL.
But I can't be totally lying, you will see why later on. :)

So here's my hotel, Sunshine Hotel. 

The best thing in this hotel will be their super beautiful swimming pool I was dying to jump in even though even were going in the water for the entire trip.

So here you go, SPLASH!

Alright, some information for you guys since this is suppose to be an informative entry who was searching for a cheaper version of Maldive haha!

Lombok, the alternative to Bali and even known to travelers as Bali before the commercialization, is one the last best kept secret of Indonesia. With weather that are almost perfect all year round and beautiful pristine beaches, you will find that indeed paradise do exist in the backyard of Bali, Indonesia. 

Actually, if you have really traveled to Bali, 
you wouldn't think Lombok is their alternative cause it's a TOTALLY DIFFERENT place.

*ASIAN ALERT: The temperature is perfect meaning that it's SUMMER ALL YEAR ROUND so if you don't wanna get tanned, 
get sunscreen like SPF150++*

Their beautiful iconic mosque. 
The people in the island are mostly Muslim. 
So basically there are mosque everywhere. 

It's the second day.
So first, let me take you into their beautiful beach. 

First: Gili Nanggu and  Gili Tangkong

Gili Sudak

And the clear water OMG. 

We postponed GIli Kedis for that day  cause the weather was so damn hot
We made it to the Fourth day so you will be able to see the beautiful beach anyway :)

The third day

Pak Edi, our beloved tour guide, found a spectacular place for us to shoot this spectacular scenery.
I would just say: It's MALDIVE I went! :P

Then, we headed to the Lomok's famous Waterfalls:
which is located at the foot of Mount Rinjani.
Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile.

The weather that day was terrible.
It was raining heavily and yet we decided to proceed to the waterfall.
But bare in mind that the road to both the waterfall is CRAZY!
Up the hill, down the river, up the rocks and mountains...
If you are not careful enough you might slip!
Make sure you are wearing a good pair of sandals or shoes.

The first waterfall is named Tiu Kelep.

The second called Sendang Gile. 
Beautiful . So beautiful.

Then we went to one of the Sasak village,
the biggest tribe in Lombok Island.

Then it's another long journey back to our hotel in Sengigi. 
we slept very early everyday since it's quite a tiring trip :)
#healthy trip ever!

On the Fourth day:
It's ALL about scenery and beach so... :D

It's the Pulau Kedis if I'm not mistaken. 
(It's hard for me to differentiate the beach as they are equally beautiful!)

Some random picture taken since I didn't went down for snorkeling :P

Now, it's time for one of my favourite gili of all!
Gili Pasir!
Pasir means 'sand' in their local language. 
and the island is indeed with sand only.


It's similar to one of the scenery you can captured in Malvies.
(taken from Maldive's fb page)
Can you see why I would say it's the Madive in Southern Asia? :D

My best shot of the day :D
#thanks to the best photographer plus tour guide Pak Edi. <3

Can you see how clear the water, and how beautiful the shells here? ^^

Another beautiful scenery at Gili Pasir, similar to the one at Maldives
(photo below)

Isn't it almost the same? :)
(Maldive's fb page)

Have some crazy shots with dad :D

Next, we headed to Pink Beach.
It's named 'pink' as the sand is mixed with tiny red particles.

if you can see it clear :D

Shot again :D

Alright, time for food!
I've compiled all the food that we tasted during the trip.
It's the food section that I call

CAUTION: Food in Lombok is basically ALL SPICY. 
So you better drink a hell lot of water to avoid sickness.
From Left: Rawon, sup buntut, and nasi campur.
Rawon is a kind of black beef soup that you mix with rice. Tasty~
Sup buntut, beef soup that is clear. The taste are totally different with rawon. But it's so delicious by just eating it alone. :)
Nasi campur (mix rice), meaning that the rice is accompanied with different dishes. 
Some chicken, beef and veggies. WHOLE MEAL :)

Avocado in Indonesia is a must try.
(they call it avocat)
Me and my family always splurge on this :D
The white one is durian drink. 
If you don't mind the smell, then you can give it a try, it's pretty good as well! :)

Sate ikan (fish satay) , my favourite tit-bits on the entire trip!
It's so tasty with a soft texture even it's grilled. 
A lil spicy.

Not spicy,
it's called the kuih bantal
'bantal' means pillow. 
because it looks like small lil pillow :)

Sup tulang, 
delicious spicy beef soup. 
So tasty that I am drooling the saliva now :D

Ranjang Cobek
One of the dish that Pak Edi strongly recommended. 
It's a kind of spicy fish soup.
We didn't really enjoy the food as the fish is probably not fresh. 

Other than that some satay, shells, tofu. 
They are tasty, especially the shells :)

Bakso, my favourite food. 
It's like simple meatball soup. 
Not spicy, but very  very very tasty!

Eat it at Bakso Haji Anang.
Their locals famous restaurant. 

Another simple set you can find at the restaurant. 
but basically everyone ordered Bakso there. 

All right! 
It's time to raise the case!
I will post the Part 2 asap since it's another bunch of pictures to be processed. 
Hope you guys enjoy the entry and see you in my next one! :)

Eleanor, signing off! :-*

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