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Gili Trawangan LOMBOK - Places and Foods! [Part 2]

Wooh wooh wooh hold hold hold...
I was overwhelmed by how this entry makes a huge difference to my page visit.
The Part 1 of Lombok hits 100 post view within 2 days!
This is crazy!

Ok Ok.
Considering so many of you was wondering how good this place can be,
I will try my best to update as fast as possible.
Bare with me,
since school holiday ends and school reopen in one day time :(
I am going to be super very busy soon while there are tons pictures need to be processed. 
*Perfectionist cant't be perfectionist without perfect editing*

So we went travelled to another gili (small island) to stay up 3 days 2 nights. 
That gili is named GILI TRAWANGAN.
The MOST famous gili in Lombok.

*CAUTION: All the expenses is in super high rates because it's an island full of Australians (aka the white people)*
so you get what I mean?!

But since it's a highly promoted island, 
we decided to stay there for three days out of ten.

We went by a luxury speedboat, I can't resist to ask my mum to take some photos for me ^.^

We didn't took pictures of the speed boat,
but it went something like that, but not as luxury as this one la k. :)
(Audi R8 inspired speed boat)

So happy I was so HAPPY

Oh so HAPPY I feel like a CELEBRITY :D

Reached Trawangan in about 20 minit from the jetty.  

Gili Trawangan is a paradise of global repute, ranking alongside Bali and Borobudur as one of Indonesia's top destinations. Trawangan's heaving main drag, busy with bikes, horse carts (kimodo) and mobs of scantily clad visitors can surprise those expecting some languid tropical retreat. Instead, a wall-to-wall roster of lounge bars, hip guesthouses, ambitious restaurants, mini-marts and dive schools clamor for attention.
(info from Lonely Planet)

For accommodation, we stayed at The Beach House. 

We had a small welcoming drink session before check in :)

Can't resist a lazy cat :D

All right time for a ROOM TOUR!

Private swimming pool :P

All right,
Time to stroll around the island!

Kimodo is the only transport in the island besides bicycles,
so it;s super expensive if you wanna try it there.
I would suggest you to go to Senggiggi or other place of Lombok to try it out.
Unless if you really need it at the island, riding it is a splurge. 

All thing are decorated in Christmas feel since Christmas was around the corner!
*Yeay I love Christmas!*

Did I look like a Vietnamese to you here in this picture?
Only with a bigger size ><


The view of Mount Rinjani, 
The active volcano in Lombok

At night, we went to search for food,
but before that, we walked around the island again to look at the night scenery.
It's very different compared to the day.
And equally beautiful as the day.

Let me take you along into the journey :)

There're so many high class restaurants around the island,
but guess what is the most crowded restaurant there?
It's non other then their local food market.

I can assure you this is SUPER DELICIOUS!

Another thing you can try in Lombok island is the fruit juice there. 
We went there for two nights,
and I drink it twice :D

And there're tons of pub, lounge, or club to enter.
Just pick which ever you want :)
All the waiters are welcoming you there because since you are able to stay there that means you are able to splurge :D

By the way, some clubs are really creative.
They have cute promotion like a clean-up-the-island session during the evening to free a bottle of beer during the night. 
So if you are really free and feel like volunteering to do so, why not? :D

All right, time to sleep!

The next morning, 
we had our breakfast :)

That day was all-cozy-and-lazy day. 
We hid ourselves in the hotel, then went into the swimming pool.
Walking around the island again, and feel the air of Ang Mo ha!
Otherwise, we watch movies, eat, drink, and sleep! :D
(I finished reading my novel there as well LOL)

It's the Third day in Trawangan, means the 8th day we've been in Lombok. 
And that day weather was spectacular!

Let me show you the pictures:


Isn't this place a heaven?
More to come so stay tune! :D

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