Friday, March 27, 2015

LOMBOK Part 3 - Places and Foods!

Hello there!
it's a brand new episode of my Lombok tour. 
This time I have a really colourful series of cictures to share with you guys. 
And yes again, it's all about places you can go and food you can eat during the vacation. 
<Part 1> and <Part 2> are up on blog so if you haven't read them, make sure to check 'em out! ;)

First of all, 

It's the Sasak village I went.
Nothing much about the place but it's essential if you are interested in the Sasak lifestyle. 

Took a picture of these kids at the village. 
The boy was intentionally licking the stone while I snap the picture :D

Besides that, we were brought to the textile shop.
I was lucky to learn a lil bit about the making of Sutera pattern. :)
fyi, sewing is one of the must of the women of Sasak in order to get married. 
So it's very important for the women in Lombok to master the skill. 

The Sasak custom dress if I am not mistaken. 

Some beautiful handmade craft work for sale. 

We were brought to the beautiful beach 
called Tanjung Ann beach. 
We skipped Kuta beach since it was almost the same according to the tour guide Pak Edi. 


One thing special about Tanjung Ann Beach is the pepper-like sand. 
It was so big and round that it looks like pepper! :)

We then went up the small cliff to took some tremendous pictures you'll see below :D

That's how beautiful Tanjung Ann beach is. 

All right,
next stop is an extra station added.
Pak Edi suggested us to go to one of the beautiful place that was not listed on the package. 
It is called
Batu Payung (the Umbrella Stone)
It's named since it's so big like an umbrella. 

I can tell you that the place is really hot.
but you will totally bare with it looking at how pretty this place is :D

All right, 
this is one of the best recommended food in Lombok. 

Called "Ayam Taliwang"
(Taliwang chicken)
It's not spicy, but a lil salty.
Best serve with rice (y)

Babi Guling Lombok.
Different from the one serve in Bali, 
but this is pretty good too :)

All right!
That's all for this entry! 
You can sleep on the beach :D

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