Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two Celebrities That Inspire Me A Lot in My Life

Let's talk something about me today.

If you would have known, 
I usually don't talk much about myself in the blog,
which I don't know why,
but I think it's because I think that my life is just so beautiful
and so decent like the other people out there.
So, people wouldn't care much about it.
Don't ya?

if you have a beautiful life, 
you will just enjoy the life instead of spending the whole time blogging about it and waste the beautiful timing.
So that's why I don't talk about my life much.

Sometimes I did, 
if you have follow my blog since few years back.
I did talk about myself, 
but definitely not much about it.
and when I talk about it, 
it's all about some very emotional thing about me.
which I don't really want that in my blog.

You know,
Eleanordreamland is the blog that I first created in the motives of showing how great life can be.
The name itself tells people that it's a dream land, which means the land of what you dream of.
And people cannot just live in dream, but to try and achieve it.
I always tell myself that things that you dream will not be just a dream when you have the guts and the idea of doing it, and then you make it happen,
keep on trying and trying, 
fall down and raise again,
never give up until you are satisfied.

And that's why I name this blog as a dreamland. A land of dreams to be achieved and has achieved.
It's full with hope and happiness,
not about sadness and crap that annoys people's emotion.
And THAT is the main reason I don't blog about my inner self, the part where I am down and upset.
I want to make this blog like a real happy place.
A place that cherish people and make people happy,
definitely will be greater if I even can motivate people out there in their life.

So today I am going to share with you guys two of the celebrities women that inspire me a lot in my life.
I know there are so many great women out there (including my beloved mum),
but there're less celebrities women that can inspire me as much as these two women can do.

They are
Angelina Jolie 

Victoria Beckham.

Can you guys discover what's the same thing that Angie and Victoria own,
besides the great body figures and beautiful features?

It's their families.

I would say Asian have something very strong about their families.
And I cannot deny that I love European cultures,
like how they talk in manners and civilized thoughts.
But at the same time, I am terrified by how fragile the relationships grown in European countries.
It's like a bubble that can break any time by just touching it.
And it struck me, giving me a perspective that European can't understand love.

I once had a European boyfriend. ONCE.
And it too broke my heart very deeply even until now.
(I'll keep the rest personal).
and it is nothing much difference from what my perspective had once told me.
and I don't know why I am even so dumb to believe that I am able to change one person's thought.

But anyway, 
these two women have lead a really pretty life I have seen in the screen.
In entertainment industry it's all about break ups and divorces.
Cheats and lies.
But these two women stay strong with their families
and you cannot judge them in this because the news tells it all.
Unless you see Brad Pitt and David hang out in a bar, which so far, NONE.

You see 
how beautiful when LOVE is contented?

First let's talk about Angelina Jolie.

She and Brad has so many children to take care of,
and she herself had just gone through a preventive double mastactomy.
If her family is a mess Brad would have leave her and let her alone with the kids but no,
Brad supported her all the way through the hardships.
(and you should know how much pain is it to a women with her well know body shapes to lose her precious beauty).
So you see how much love is shown here?

On top of that,
Angie is noted for her work with refugess as a Special Envoy and former Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nation High Commisioner for Refugees.
It just show how much love is contained in her. 
The kids that she adopted is not left alone but also been taken a very good care with the support of her fiancée. 
You know most of the nowadays guys don't like so much of kids,
even I myself being a girl prefer just two kids at home.

I cannot not give these two people a thumbs up!
and this motivates me to adopt kids as well,
which was totally not cool in Asian countries.
I have that told to my parents and my friends, even the boy friends.
So far no one really support me and I cannot blame them because it's so rare in asian country.
Well, we'll see how.

Next, Victoria Beckham.

Victoria herself is a legend.
She is a model, a host, a fashion designer, a wife and a mum of four kids.
Honestly I don't like her at the first sight because she look super cool in every of her photos, make me feel like she's the bitch in the house.
I thought that she must have over powered David and that's why David can't leave her (sort of like scared of her or something like that)
But I am amazed after looking at how she and Beckham raise their family.
And that's how I start to understand this family even more.
I feel even more astonished when I see reports about how they raise their kids 
( e.g: Brooklyn got his first part time job in just a coffee shop while his parents can do well in their financial).

It feel so amazing that this parents are not pampering their kids.
And I definitely believe that Beckham love his family as they always have their family privatized from any media and press.
They lead a private life even though they are one of the most popular couples to the industry.

And Vicotria is a very determined person.
She is a perfectionist, 
she is always confident about herself (especially in high heels ha!) 
and also she really look like a very hardworking person in real life (from what I saw in her interviews).
If that's the true I really want to be like her.
A perfect person which wanted more and more,
never gives up and never pamper yourself that it could destroys you.

I just love this two women.
I may not be them,
but I can try to be them
They are my inspiration,
my example of my future life would be (except being a celebrities lol).
Cause a family with love and understatement is all I ask for.

And I once learnt something about love, 
that I want to share with you guys,
That Love,
is a road
where both parties are willing to rides together.
Even with hills and mountains,
storms and thunders,
this two parties will not be separated.
Vice versa.

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