Thursday, June 19, 2014

PenangLang Stall - Real Penang Prawn Mee At Klang

If you have followed me in facebook, 
You would have notice this pretty tasty-looking prawn mee picture I posted few days back.
I am surprise that so many people were excited about it.
Thus I decided to talk about it as soon as possible. :)

The outer view of the stall

This particular PenangLang Stall is located in Jalan Sijangkang
Right opposite of Coconut Corner Chicken Rice Restaurant (椰脚鸡饭茶餐室 Kedai Makan Tiga Dua Lapan)

a newly developed place at Pandamaran area.
I am so happy because this stall is so so so near to my house that I can have it anytime I want!
So if you guys meet me there remember to say hi! :D

Their menu

The place around here is pretty nice, 
which surprised me because no offense,
Pandamaran is a very rural (kampung) place.

Before I entered the shop, 
I was thinking maybe I will be disappointed by the environment.
But I am wrong.
The place is full with decorations.

The owner of this shop, also the chef, is purely from Penang.
She just moved here for business 
and thus, PenangLang Stall is created.

From the pictures below you can see many popular wall art wall papers are pasted on the wall,
to really build up the penang environment.

Plus I have just made a trip to Penang, 
(which you can see the posts here and here and here!) 
so I can assure you that the boss is not simply putting fake Penang poster.

I am impressed by the effort the boss is putting on her stall because this place is initially a worn out place.
Outside of the stall is like industrial place that you wouldn't ever think that it will be so pretty on the inside. :)

The Love Lane wall art.
Plus the stall is very clean,
unlike the other stalls which is usually dirty and nasty (it's just common around here).

Me and mum ordered the same menu:

Penang white coffee
I would say it's not enough 'kao' (thick).
It's pretty watery BUT it still very tasty.
There's a very strong a nice smell of the white coffee,
so I assume it's another taste of white coffee :)

The main dish of the day:
Penang Prawn Mee
Such big bowl only cost us RM 3.50 per bowl.
SO tasty. SO cheap. 

Overall, I would say this place is really nice.
With really REAL Penang Prawn mee
with such cheap and affordable BIG BOWL prawn mee,
with a good deco around the stalls,
I promise you that there will not have another stalls like this one along the road.

The only thing that can be improve is that this place is quite hot especially if you come at lunch hour,
So if you come make sure you prepared enough tissue paper, 
and wear as light as possible. :D

I couldn't forget to post in front of these wall art wallpaper. :)

and yea, you have just seen my bare face, with just a lil of contouring and brows :)

PenangLang Prawn Mee Stalls:
Add: Jalan Sijangkang (Pandamaran), 41200 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor

right opposite of Coconut Corner Chicken Rice Restaurant (椰脚鸡饭茶餐室 Kedai Makan Tiga Dua Lapan)

Google maps: PenangLang

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