Friday, June 13, 2014

O' Galito Pavilion KL

All right I know I haven;t been updating my blog for kinda a while but this not because I am lazy but it's actually i am working on a project with my friend :)
Unfortunately I can't tell you guys what is it until it's really published, and also if it meets my satisfaction level.
Yea I sounded disgusting but you'll never know what might happen in the end right?

Anyway I came across with this new restaurant in Pavilion while meeting up with JL boy.
We went to watch Maleficent on the very first day it showed so we were so excited LOL wtf.

while we were undecided of what to eat ,we passed by this little Mediterranean restaurant.

O' Galito Bar and Grill

Look tempting on the outside itself so we decided to give it a try.

O’Galito Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar is one of the new kids on the block at Pavilion Shopping Centre. Located in the busiest restaurant strip area of the shopping centre, this place has a buzzing feel to it.
I like how it decorate the restaurant, using all the warm wood colour that signifies the classy atmosphere of a countryside bar.

We ordered a a set of Hawaiian pizza and also a plate of pasta to share.

What surprise me the most is the food here is super delicious!
The pasta is something I really like when it comes with olive 
(which JL boy totally don't eat so it's my pleasure to monopolize it ha!)
The pizza is not something you get at the fast food restaurant like PizzaHut and Domino's.
It is not too thin too.
Just right between them which make the whole plate crunchy and filling at the same time.

If we are going to talk about the price, 
then I would say it's the normal price around Pavilion KL area.
It's indeed pricey if you want to compare it to restaurants of the non-KL-area,
but they have promotions sometimes which makes it affordable for the time!
(they offer promotion every now and then so do check them out here!).

Anyway I didn't take much pictures so this is the picture of me with JL boy before we filled our stomach.


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