Tuesday, November 1, 2016

RM 15 VOUCHER ezbuy Online Shopping (with Taopao Daigou)

I have to admit that I am a frequent online shopping customer!
Ever since I started shopping online, my time has spent more wisely with other useful activities like reading books and chatting with friends!
 I simply just love online shopping!

And among all the online shopping website that I often visit, 
I particularly love ezbuy the most.

There are few reason why I particularly love ezbuy:
1) It's very easy to use!
2) It's a highly recognized company (has their company in Singapore as well)
3) Variety selection of products from clothes to toys to furniture worldwide
 (from US, Taiwan, and even CHINA!)
4) They allow us to choose our own shipping method depending on our need. 
5) Their customer services is fast and efficient!


I have to claim myself as I am NOT promoting them out of sponsor,
but it's just simply because I like them very much!
and thus I would very much love to share a good thing with you guys. 

And now EZ Buy is offering RM 15 voucher for each newly registered customer!
(damn why I registered earlier)

All you gotta do is simply click on this link right down below and registered as a new customer

Happy Shopping! :)

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