Monday, February 23, 2015

Shah Alam Street Art Collection

I'm a little bit bored with editing pictures recently. 
So i haven't post up much photos
till today I forced myself to at least finish what I suppose to finish last year.
So basically these photos were taken last year but due to personal laziness you guys haven't got the chance to see them. >.<

Shah Alam Street Art is getting more and more and so my friend Yong Wei as invited me to join him in an exploration. 
We went to Shah Alam Seksyen 7 for the latest mural art painting and since we couldn't find seksyen 2 and it was quite late already, we didn't go to Seksyen 2. 

This post is gonna 'boomed' with lots of pictures which I am so lazy to even caption them. 
I will just let the pictures speak for themselves while I head to bed :P

enjoy! :D

(for location, scroll down below)

Shah Alam Street Art
old one: Laman Seni Seksyen 2
the latest (pictures in the post): Laman Seni Seksyen 7

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