Saturday, February 7, 2015

Burger Mat Salleh, Kelantan

People in Kelantan have a thing for burger.

It's not just any burger you found in McDonald.
It's their typical local burger.
Remember the all-time famous 'Ramli' burger?
yea some sort of like that. 

So there was a day,
where me and my gang were eager to tried out burger.
Ni was suggesting Burger Mat Salleh and I was attracted by its name.
So we gave it a try. 

You will see this board at the shop but it's not GM Biscuits Station anymore. 
Burger Mat Salleh had just replaced it and was too busy to care about changing it. :D

As you can see,
the crowd was huge. 

Many tables, many people. 
But there's only two staff who are working- the boss and his wife. 

Their menu

why is it called "Burger Mat Salleh"?
Here you go.  
I got the chance to take a photo with the Mat Salleh - the boss from German
 as he was inviting us to capture this big moment..
A definitely friendly boss. 
And one thing very special about this place is that,
He marry a local Malay women,
so it's them, and ONLY them, who run the business. 

As we were chit-chatting along the way,
I have too, asked why not they hired more staff to help out,
the boss said it was because their business run during the midnight, so most of the staff can't stand with such a different timing in working, and thus, they decided to run the business on their own. 

One of their dessert besides burger -- the ice-cream waffle. 
Crunchy waffle (a little to crunchy for me), accompanied with chilled ice-cream. 
Not too sweet, quite an interesting menu to tired out. 
Ni's favourite.

Red Sauce Spaghetti
My favourite food in this place. 
The sauce was perfect, and the noodles has cooked just enough time. 
I would say this is the best food here. :D

White sauce, or we called it the cabonara.
A very milky and thick textures of sauces.
Perfectly taste at the first mouth, unfortunately get a little tired of it afterwards. 
Would be a perfect combination if it's paired with a glass of fruit juice, or even sky juice. 

Their ultimate Burger.
I would say it's very typical local burger
with lots of black pepper sauce, 
It ruined my face all the way while I am eating.
It's quite inconvenient for me, and the sauce was a little over-take the taste of the meat. 
(well I guess that's how the locals love it?) :)
Besides that,
I have heard that the meat was made by themselves 
but since I am not really a burger expert... ( :P )

Burger Mat Salleh
Opening Ours: 9pm till 3 am
Location: Jalan Sultanah Zainab, exactly opposite to Proton, next to Kingdom Electric. 
*no sign board, so look for GM Biscuit Station as stated above*

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