Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reggae Mansion, Penang

Hey there!
This is by far the least-picture post I can find from my list-of post and I am running out of time to update due to upcoming exam. 

This would be the most exciting experience I had during my previous Penang trip.

I went to a new club called the Reggae Mansion.
*Couldn't really remember the pronunciation even after so long*

This is totally a different type of club
with the special outer architecture
I was astonished by the almost-ancient style of building for a club

The building was divided into two parts,
where the outer part was some kind of like a restaurant? Don't really know ><
But once you open the sound-proof door,
and walk into the inner part of this building...


I am so surprise by this beautiful and creative business idea
because so far in KL I haven't seen one like this.

If my friends hasn't bring me there I would never know that there's a club inside ><

Let's the party begin, shall we? :)

Reunion with my fellow friends in Penang! :D

I was so happy to have them guiding me to explore the very special side of Penang!

I would say the song choice was AWESOME
They have the REAL EDM playing all night!
The sound system was EPIC as well that had me dancing all night!
The lighting was GOOD too!

If you guys wanna know what's the bad is that,
I had myself a scratch at my left hand because of the 3D triangle decoration on the wall. 

It was not just a small scratch but it was really a deep cut.
My friends told me I must be party too hard and I have to admit LOL. 
Besides that, it was ALL GOOD! :D
Just make sure you guys don't lie on the wall when you party. ;)

If you guys love EDM,
then you guys MUST pay a visit there if you have the time!

Kick of to bed now!
Chao! :)

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