Friday, July 18, 2014

Red Bean Cafe, Kelantan

Ok, here's another good place to go in Kelantan.
A very homely style of restaurant.

It's called Red Bean Cafe.
Me and HP has been hunting for good food right before the practicumm started 
So here's one of it :)

According to HP, this restaurant is originated from a housing style restaurant 
Slowing they change the whole house into the restaurant.
Guess they are becoming rich and are able to get a bigger better house lol.

Their menu

shan't talk too much,
Please enjoy some eye candy ;)

Super damn envy HP's nice camy, but mine is not bad either :P

My Fav!
The salad roll.
Simple yet delicous!
I would love to eat it everyday as my breakfast LOL.

Can't remember the name, but it's a cheese cake.
This is a good one.
Not very cheesy, not very sponge-y.
It taste "healthy" haha.

Cendol cake
Very special one.
I was expecting more cendol taste unfortunately it turn out just like any other sponge cake, 
or may be a healthier version ><

HP's specially introduce: Mee Soup.
For me it's a very decent food.
But yes it's delicious in it's decent way (if that make any sense) :D

Chicken chop.
It's not the best chicken chop but it's pretty tasty. 

Overall I would say it's a very homely restaurant 
with it's very healthy menus.
If you are someone who practice healthy diet,
this would be the right place for you!


Location: Kebun Sultan, Near to Pustaka Seri Intan Book Shop.
Can't locate the exact place yet. Will update once I got the exact add. ;)


  1. ahem ... to clarify, there's no so called home style before this. Is a restaurant / cafe whatever u call it.
    Aunty was just baking and teaching cooking class at home before this - just next door.

    Next time, test their other Stars Fuu Chuk Yee Bee, Lai Chi Kang and Sushi Popia ~ yups this is spring rolls in seaweed roll. Rojak Jawa not bad.

    1. Oh is it? Interesting. I really love their food. Thx for the info! ;)