Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013 Malaysia Fall Coordinate Collection

I know I know, 
Malaysia got no four seasons I know larr..
But what's wrong if a person wanna dress accordingly to the season?
It is not like I am over doing... :P

Hence it's name "Malaysia" Fall Collection :)

The new trend mostly toward pale and nude colour. Even the models in the West Country are dress in nude and more of a natural colour. Sweaters are brought in for a cooler weather, but hey we are in Malaysia so make up your mind! Try some nude colour at your dresses and that's enough :)
However, some pop up colours are great for adding some interesting feeling at your outfit. Colour like blue are almost good to pair with any nude colour, so make fun with it! :)

make up: More of a brown and soft colour. However, a pop of colour is allowed and will add senses to your natural outfit. Colour shade recommended: purple and tangerine :)

End summer coordinate: 
Bold; Black and white; Stripes. :)
Stripes inner with jeans: HOALA combination! :)

Crop top. 
p/s: it's out of date now. 
Nobody wanna get frozen under the cold weather in Fall.

Fall Collection 1:
A very simple but up-to-date outfit.
Vietnam T with high cut jeans. Pair with a brown belt with tuck in shirt. 
That's we called 60s ;)

Pale black and white are boring.
So here come the tangerine blazer. :)

Fall Collection 2:
Purple in the fall? 

Definitely-suit-the-fall-season dress. (Nichii)

Even the restaurant I went are under fall category :P

(again) Even the accessories are under the category :)

Bare with it, lace is still in the trend.

Oh lace you look so pretty everywhere! ^^

Blue with white. something with bold for the girls :) 
Went for a rock theme restaurant so this is what you can where :)

1980's restaurant (rock theme) with the girls. :)

Have fun playing with colour, they will make you the princess for the day :)

Good luck!

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