Saturday, September 10, 2016

Yeap Noodles Shop, Georgetown

All you noodles fans out there!
Hey I have one cafe that sell all kind of noodles,
both special and delicious!

Last two weeks I went to Penang with my fellow gang members
and here Aaron said there is a shop call Yeap Noodles that is delicious
So we went and didn't get too dissapointed! ;)

All kind of flavour with just noodles. 
You name it. 

One thing about Yeap Noodles is that the noodles are handmade,
So it doesn't have that yellow noodles taste. 
I am not a fan of noodles, but their noodles is good. 

With my buddy Gin. 

Black Charcoal Noodle Soup.
This one is pretty decent. 
The main thing is the black charcoal noodles.
The soup is just normal Chinese style of soup, kinda remind me of ABC soup. 

Peppermint noodles. 
They don't look good, but it taste good!
Don't get too scared of the taste, the soup has only mild peppermint taste that come along with salty taste. So it's good. 

I can't remember the names for this two dishes, but it look almost the same for me haha. 
Taste is alomost the same too according to Aaron and his gf. 
So I think there's nothing to talk about. 

the shop is not bad if you are a noodles lover. 
I am a rice person, so I am not fond of it.
If you are craving for some homemade noodles with special flavour,
maybe this one is the one you are looking for.
Enjoy! :)

Yeap Noodles, Georgetown
Address: 227, Lebuh Chulia, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 16-478 5453
Trip Advisor rewiew: <click here>

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