Monday, December 28, 2015

E+ Photography

I know I am terribly late in updating my blog, as I have been busy with my interview and my holiday trip in Krabi. 
Initially, I planned to update my blog once I came back from the trip
But unfortunately I fell sick right after the trip. 
Later, I went to KL for a three days two nights with my parents to enjoy the Christmas Day.
Hoenstly, this was the most hectic and bizarre holiday I have ever spent.
I have even NOT properly celebrate my birthday,
not that I didn't celebrate it,
but I didn't have the mood and mental preparation on the day as I was preoccupied with the interview,
which fell EXACTLY on my birthday. 

Today is a short update about my job as a make up artist 
in collaboration with photographer Ericj Loo from Aurovisual.
I learnt make up before I went to the university,
and I haven't really got the chance to show my skills until Ericj got me the chance to do so.
This is practically the first shot with him
so we just choose some from the outcomes. 
Hope you guys enjoy! ;)

Photographer: Ericj Loo
Model: Adrain YX
MUA: Eleanor Ling

I know this is really too lil to enjoy, 
but I can assure you we are working our best to improve. 
If you like Ericj's work, feel free to search and follow him on his FB.
For make up inquiry, you can always contact me via my fb account or my email

More to come,
Stay tune!

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