Saturday, May 2, 2015

Star Anise Cafe - Best Coffee Shop in Kuala Terengganu

Hey there!
Finally, I am officially done with my practiccum!
It's time to chill! :D

So today I am going to spend some time in blog 
to share a good coffee-in-sight with you guys haha! :D

Last two weeks, me and Roomie and Mee Chin Jie Jie went all the way down to Kuala Terengganu China Town for exploration. 
I went there five years ago but I couldn't recall much about the place.
Plus, we've heard that the town has changed a lot so I thought maybe we should pay a visit there again ;)

And I didn't regret since we've found the best coffee shop to hangout during the trip!

Introducing you,
Star Anise Cafe
(location: at the bottom of the entry)

At first, we didn't realize it was a coffee shop.
We were wondering around the back streets in town, searching for murals 
and out of a sudden, Mee Chin jie jie and I smelled a good taste of expresso.

I quickly dragged her along the way in searching for the origin of the smell.
And so, we have came around with this shop.

The shop is so simple and delicate.
It doesn't offer a good design of decoration, only green paint around the wall.
However, the air-conditional is fully function, which is great for a chill from the hot whether in town. :P

Well, maybe some paintings hanging around the wall :)

And a traditional beca at the very corner of the shop in adding a touch of vintage feeling to the environment. 
Can you recognize a turtle on top of it? :D

Star Anise is not just an ordinary coffee shop 
because it also offers you souvenirs and local delicacy popular in Terengganu.
You can definitely have a look and if you are interested,
you can grab some of them home :)

Most importantly, the price is reasonable.

Cold Americano for Mee Chin jie jie.
Taste so good and not too sweet. 
It comes along with a jug of milk for those who prefer a milky taste in the coffee :)

My Cappuccino 
So good that I literally screamed in my mind!
The art is nicely made.
The coffee come with slight bitter that I love.
Strong coffee taste without that gross milk after-taste. 
The foam on top was just in a good amount that is thick and tasty!
(Yea I taste foam!) :D
Definitely a must-try!

Roomie's Butterscotch Latte 
Barista has made a cute cat/fox latte art on top of it.
Which made my roomie so happy :D
The butterscotch tasted strong and just nice for a good coffee. 
Not too sweet, just enough.
Once you sip in, 
the butterscotch smell is right in your mouth,
that comes along with a mild latte taste after that. 

All right,
just a few shoots before we indulge ourself into the coffee fantasy :D

I'll update more about my trip to Kuala Terengganu China Town soon.
And also I will be holding a giveaway soon.
So stay tune!

Star Anise Cafe
Adrdess: 82, Jalan Kampung Cina
Contact No: 017-664 2368
Fb page: <click here!>
Opening Hours:

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  1. Thanks for the blogpost. We headed to the cafe after reading about it on ur blog