Sunday, April 12, 2015

Random + Song List of the Moment

I guess I owe my reader an apology since I haven't been updating my blog for a long while.
But I wasn't being lazy as I am really busy recently. 
It's coming to an end for my practiccum period and I wanna do my best so I've spent most of my time preparing and planning for teaching. 
I'm not gonna lie, there are time for me to relax, 
but most of the time I was out chilling with my roomie.
(social life is important as well.) :P
I'll be in bed sleeping like a bear in hibernation. 

So, this is just a random post to sort out what I did for the past few weeks. 
I wasn't planning to blog about my trip in Penang nor Lombok since I haven't finish processing the pictures. 
So I was thinking about something light and chilly for today :)

So yea, 
if you guy follow me in facebook you probably knew I have been quite sick.
I have blister all around the side of my lips. 

I have seek for doctor's advise and spent RM 25 on a two minutes check-up, with a pack of antiseptic cream, antibiotics and painkiller pills. 
And yet, nothing has changed.
I still have cracked lips especially at the sides. 
So instead of applying the cream given by the doctor, 
I start using Vaseline's advance preteoum jelly
It's stated there 'especially for cracked lips' So I thought I'd give it a try. 
Besides, I also applied watermelon frost every night before I sleep. 
So that green colour in the picture was actually the medicine. 
And turn out, they give a better improvement than the doctor's medicine. 
My lips now are feeling better.
Thank God. 

Secondly, I got a scar at my hand due to clumsiness. 
It was the day where me and my roomie were rushing to watch the ultimate moon eclipse. 
Since we were rushing, I ran and hit the side of the aluminium table at the bone of my hand. 
*Ouch!* I know it. 
Ended up we didn't see the real moon eclipse but a wind make a super nice face eclipse.
We thought the eclipse process was super fast this time as it ended within 1 minute. 
The next day we knew that we were fooled when we read the news. =.=

Anyway, I also went to Tok Aman Bali Hotel at Tok Bali during one of the weekend. 
Was planning to do some sort of shooting but ended up just one LOL. 

Okay okay I know it's pretty boring so let me share with you some songs that have currently in my playlist. 

For those EDM:
Hyperlove by Ferry Corsten ft Nat Dunn

Runaway (U & I) by Galantis

Waiting for Love by Martin Garrix, Avicii ft John Legend

Don't Look Down by Martin Garrix ft Usher

Colors by Hardwell, Tiesto and Andraes Moe
p/s: Basically the whole album of Hardwell United We Are are AWESOME!
Don't miss them :)

For Pop Culture:
Ayo by Chris Brown ft Tyga

Worth It by Fifth Harmony ft Kid Ink

Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

Earned It by The Weekend

Some not-so-mainstream:
Gold by Chet Faker

I Know You by Sylar Grey

Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra 

So yea that's basically in my playlist right now.
Hope you guys have a pleasant week ahead. 

Best of luck :) 

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