Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kluang, Johor First Day

Went Kluang for my last Holiday
Meeting Baby Jing Wen 
So here's some random pictures taken on the first day of arrival

p/s: Lots of crap and so random so bare with it :P

Sugar Bella Shop at Kluang Mall just got launched so we got the chance to enjoy the tit-bits :)
Shop a bit and grab the gifts :)

Bought some bikinis at the shop so took picha as if the shop is ours :P

Selca as if no one is around 

Our lunch at Kluang Foot Street in Kluang Mall in Kluang. #somanykluangwords

Addicted my Ding Tea in Kluang! I've never known Ding Tea is sooooooooooooo delicious!

So, new shade, NEW LOVE. <3 4 5 6 7... #infinitylove

Chao! :P

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