Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Flashback and 2014 Resolution

It's another year!

So yes it's another resolution post.
But this time I am going to add a lil essence here LOL

I went back reading my 2013 resolution in here.

And I realized I have successfully achieve the second and the third resolution! Wohoo!

Hahaha apparently money is something called 'problem' for me, I am still very bad at money management wtf.

I think the reason of why I can't save money is due to my trips with friends and the photoshoot session I'm not getting paid for.
So this year I am going to cut down these two and work on saving money *determined*

I have a pretty good 2013 apart from having break up and broke of money LOL
2012 is the sweetest year for me but 2013 seems to have its consequences.
I am hoping 2014 wouldn't be as bad as 2013 but who knows, right?

Anyways, I am not going to grumble here as I always want to make this blog a lively blog,
today I am going to review back things I have done in the year of 2013. 
This way, I can be grateful and happier instead of being an complaint baby ><

First of all, I met my friends and cousins who have lost contact for a long time

Cousins who have long lost contact since we have not studying in the same school and not living in the same area.

Friends since primary school came back for holiday. 

Then, I hang out damn lot with my two Aaron cousins haha.
We called ourself the Life and Alcohol Gang.
Basically, this two cousins teaches me a lot about life.
two of them have their own perspectives and I am the one learning from them
Life ain't hard when you know how to deal with it :P
One Station or First station ><

Setia Walk

Vertigo Summer Party

I got invite for the awesome Carlsberg party:

I also got invite for Xpax's UOX Pop Up Party.

In the mid year I hang around KL with Baby Jing Wen, and shop damn freaking lot! *YOLO*

Explore food and eat like nobody cares :P
Myung Ga

Malaysia's First Texas Chicken.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant

Italainies :)

Spring Summer High Tea at Subang Empire Hotel

Change outfit like Lady Gaga changes hers xD

Spring Summer ootd

Spring Summer ootd

Fall Ootd 

Fall Coordinate

 Mid Fall Collection

Spent a week in Johor with Jing Wen :)

Travel around the world!
Langkawi Island

Bangkok-- Huahin, Thailand
(Soon to blog)
Bangkok: More Pictures
Hua Hin: More Pictures

Pulau Perhentian
<More Pictures> 

Jakarta, Indonesia

Bandung, Indonesia

Pay for Escape Room!
Escape Room Adventure Trip: <More Pictures> 

Drink coffee everywhere :)
Komugi Cafe
(soon to blog)

You can't skip coffee when you are in Thailand :)
(soon to blog)
More Picture

Birthday bash held by my beloved friends :)
(soon to blog)

Birthday Dinner with family :)
(soon to blog)

So what is my 2014 Resolution?


First, saving money (RM 1 per day)
Second, work out (abs)
Third, serve in God.

Mental Resolution:
Look to the front and don't look back

Woh finally, I am done with this post! ;)

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