Monday, January 13, 2014

21st Birthday Bash

I changed my Celcom braodband to Maxis Mifi  last week since the plan seems better.
Unfortunately, the freaking wifi didn't seems as good as I thought it will be. 
I tried to update this yesterday but the line is freaking terrible and horrible wtf.

Back to the topic. 

This 2013 year was a big whole mess for me. 
I wasn’t in the mood for celebrating my 21th birthday.
Plus, I have had a luxurious birthday last year (2012).
Something I dreamt of and wanted to.
I was happy and grateful.

It’s totally different of year 2013.
it’s not like I hate this year (cause it made me grow up)
but so many things happened I was afraid and fed up.

It just came in a sudden I feel so happy and almost cried up when my non-related brother throw up a surprised advance birthday party for me.
I know I wasn't ready for it.
and this is the first time I have never participated in planning my own party.
(can you imagine that? I was always the one who franticly excited about my own birthday. Sometime I feel kinda sad thinking about it.)

I feel so happy because I have never felt so LOVED AGAIN.
They (my non-blood-related family members) made such a good birthday dinner that I just feel so speechless when Pei Si came out with the cake.
I still remember my shocking feeling when they sang birthday song and I was like “What’s going on here?”

Then came with my Char Siew’s family who celebrated the birthday along with my roommate (who is around a-month-earlier-born baby). Originally I was one of the planner (like I always do) and suddenly they added one more cake to celebrated my birthday too. I don’t know I was happy or shocked at that time but one thing I know is I almost cried when I made the wish.

Unfortunately due to exam stress, I didn’t really have the mood to celebrate anymore. I just feel grateful for the previous two birthday celebration and decided to just make it a full stop for this year.

But it never occurs to me that there’re still a bunch of people who cares about me. (I know the way I use birthday to define ‘care’ is a bit lame but it’s a matter of fact because my birthday falls on the holiday so it’s very hard to remember and if you remember it, it means you cares about me  :P)

So then one day before my birthday,
My friends in Klang were kind enough to throw a birthday bash for me.

I feel LOVED AGAIN. <3

OOtd of the day: Rainbow Top and F21 pants.

The food theme today is Italiannies.
Chef Ginger knows I love to eat Italian food so she decided to make it all at the birthday party.
You will never know how hard she worked for it if you don't see it in person ;)

My favourite Ceaser Salad!

Italian Bread, one thing I love to eat after visiting Italiannies restaurant at the Curve!

Ginger even made the sauce that comes with the bread.
*I know it look weird and ugly, but trust me, you don't want to miss it if you come across to Italian Bread*

I don't know what is this called, but it's like satay with all the tomatoes sauce.
This food is the first to finished! *So delicious!*

Nacho's with tomoates dressing 
OMG I have never know it could be so delicious to dip the Nacho's chips like this!

Soup and Spaghetti.
Ginger said it was suppose to eat separately but I prefer to mis them like the typical spaghetti sauce xD

So here're three heroes in da rom! My two cousins and Zhi Yuan's darling. 

So let the GAMES BEGIN!

Basically we played truth or dare and poker and drink.


Ginger made funny actions for DARE haha!

Then, Zhi Yuan's darling and Catherine was  shy to dance around.
Basically we turn the music too loud that we have to shout to talk so that's what you hear at the video wtf.

Don't forget to camwhore even when you are high!

There we come the cake! Specially made by Ginger the chef!

Ginger looks like being bullied by me LOL

The 'kids' didn't forget to shoot the cake before I start to cut the cake

Cut the cake and say Hi to 21st! ;)

Thx you all! 
Muacks! ^^

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