Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jakarta - Guides and Tips

Finish with Bandung,
we headed ourself to Jakarta.

For your information, Jakarta is located 180km away from Bandung.
It's the capital city of Indonesia.
I've been to Bandung twice but this is the first time I have been to Jakarta.
So it's definitely a new tourist spot for me.

Good morning everyone, another place to go! 

Yours truly :)

You see you see, their building is just to pretty to be truth right?

All this is taken by my samsung phone, 
with a piece of window shade in between me and the scenery 

And this is the crazy traffic in Indonesia.
Probably their proudly presented signature because I have seen this ever since I stepped my foot in Indonesia.

So first, we went to Indonesia National Monumen.
It's also known as Monas, the centre of entertainment.
Monas the the icon of Jakarta, so I bet you guys shouldn't miss it or else you wouldn't count yourself as "enter the place" :P

The weather was a bit poor when we arrived, so that's why it look so not interesting,
Let me show you a better picture stolen from other's blog hihi...

The night scene :)

Five pretties and one crazy-open-mouth-like-a-donkey person =.=

As requested, this picture was taken like this.....

The other side of the garden.

For your information, Monas is surrounded by a large garden. 
You can take a small train (provided there) to look around at the garden and it's worth it as we have missed quite a few other pretty statues there.
*sob sob*

Nest place to visit: Tanah Abang

It's a super duper big place for a shopping mall, 
and we even got lost in the process of find the way out.
In an easier way it is just like Pasar Baru shopping mall in Bandung.

That's the only one picture for it as we were busy shopping! :)

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah / TMII 
(Miniature Park of Indonesia)

TMII is a miniature cultural richness of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.
It is the widest tourist attraction In Jakarta.
They introduce the oh-so-many cultures in Indonesia, each of them with their unique decorated house, clothing, customs bribes and so on.
It would be good if you love to explore different culture from different place, 
and I must tell you to make it a ONE day trip as the place is tooooooooo huge to be visited roughly.

One of the monkey at the place :)

That's all with the Place-to-visit title.
Now I am going to show you some pictures taken from Jakarta's Airport, which are huge and pretty!

Okay that's it!

Selamat jalan! 
(Indonesia's "byebye")

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