Sunday, June 16, 2013

Myung Ga Korean Restaurant (Fathers' Day)

It is Fathers' Day today but unfortunately I just got back from hometown.
Study life just started.
As I get older (yea I just f*cking mentioned old), 
I feel the responsibility to study harder and be serious about what I am doing.

Club and party aren't my type now.
BUT I am not saying that I won't go to party anymore 
Comon' life need some entertainment!
yea! xD

Realizing the fact that I wouldn't be able to celebrate Fathers' Day at the exact date, our family decided to make it forward so that we can celebrate it as a whole family :)

So we picked "Myung Ga Korean Restaurant"!
Myung Ga restaurant is located at IMS 2 Klang, 
just across the highway bridge from Bukit Raja Aeon Jusco.

The view of it during the night will be like this:

Oh yea my coordinate today: 
Top from one of the boutique in Bukit Tinggi Klang, 
H&M Pants,
Forever 21 Rings
Vincci Accessories 
Black Pumps from Vincci.

The inner view of the restaurant:

They have second floor as well.
I wouldn't say that the restaurant is big and liek five star classy, but overall it's ok, at least it look neat, tidy, clean and bright :)

Since we were pre-booked, 
they reserved a VIP room for us! :)

So the image above is taken like that. :)
VIP room le what do you expect? LOL


Side Dishes: Free Refill :)

Here we introduce to you the MUST EAT Samyeopsal! :)

Looking delicious?
Suck back your saliva, ladies and gentlemen :P

Yours truly :)

Korean Bulgogi: Grilled marinated beef. :)

Dolsot Bibimbab, the Korean-Always-Eat :)

Dwaeji Galbi. 
I must not lie this is FREAKING DELICIOUS!

Ttheokbokki Rice Cake: SOO MUCH BETTER than the other ttheokbokki I have tasted! :)

This is how the whole table look like!
My brother was the one doing all the order,
And he was like:
" can you please give me this..

and the waitress was like:
"Still not enough?"

of course la my pretty waitress you don't know we are coming in the mission of a war?

If Hitler leaded World War 2,
the Ling's Family lead FOOD WAR 1. 


The vege, should be eaten like how the next picture shown:
This is how the Samgyeopsal should be eaten 
(tought by my almost-become-Korean bro)
You can also do this with any meat you like, with kimchii, and some garlic
P/s: Korean love garlic! :D

Mmmm... yummy!!!! ^^

Beloved dad :)

Me and my mum :)

Dad with his beloved son hahaha!

Next, after hours of FOOD WAR:
dessert: Patbigsu
It's known as the popular shaved ice dessert in South Korea.

Took this picture as a prove that I am not lying lol >.<

Ok lar hungry nao I go mum mum Chiao! :P

Oh, and..

Happy Fathers' and Parents Day! :)

for more information about Myung Ga, feel free to visit their Official fb page!

Dear Lord in the heaven,
Please protect my family from harm and danger,
thanks for guiding us in all challenge ,
May God bless us with health and  happiness.

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