Sunday, October 20, 2013

2013 Mid Fall Coordinate Collection @ Malaysia

Hi I am back with another series of Mid Fall Ootd Collection!
As the whether get colder and windy,
here's some Ootd I would like to share with you guys! :)

Fall Ootd Trend: 
Pale and simple.
A little bold of colour is permitted to rock the fall trend: black, red and tangerine are good choices :)
If the summer is full with colour, Fall is toward pale and natural.
Something simple to match the soft weather of fall: White, dark pastel colour, soft colour.
Touch up the look with a little of accessories is enough :)

First: Cute Sweet Outfit from:
Vincci, Bangkok, Scarlet

Love the Soft Vintage Jacket from Bangkok! :)

Necklace from Bandung shop

I Love my Map Design Watch! :)

When we talk about current trend: we talk about fitness.
So it means your body gotta be fit.
Fit, not skinny. 
Time to show your body!

In Forever 21:
Something casual for a sunny fall day:

Something-bold-for-the-party type:

Transform it with a bold red peplum skirt:

F21 is giving away RM10 voucher with every purchase of RM 150 this month! Grab it before it is too late!! 

Night time:

Accessories from Forever 21 and Bandung

Something that everyone would love: Lace

The Lace of this dress is good for a feminine and dreamy feeling :)

All right I'll stop here!
More to go! 
Stay Tune!

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