Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Autumn Make Up Trend

Y'all not going to miss it.
It's Autumn Make up trend in every fashion industry now.
So what is it?


Almost-no-make-up make up.

Cara Delevigne, Current Famous Model.

Ad from Mango

Here's my version of the look!

The pale natural face:

The more exaggerated face with dark vampy red lips:

In order to achieve the look, 
here're some products I used and make it right ;)

Smoky dark coffee brown palette from Fasio - for the smoky eye effect
Maybelline baby lips lip balm - for making the 'glowing' skin look (optional)
Coffee and red lips from Silky girl - For dark vampy red lips (just a lip balm if you want to achieve natural look).

I really love this current trend as it give that sultry natural look that match the glowing skin!

So here's the other picha I camwhore the other day :)

If you guys wanna know how to create a perfect red lips, click here!

Time to go!
Finish this post with Cara's favourite weird pose haha! xD

If you guys wanna know how to create a perfect red lips, click here!

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