Monday, June 16, 2014

Green Sprout Cafe, Klang

All right, have you seen me gaining weight? :P
Yea Holiday is all about full and fat LOLOL.

So this time I just found a pretty good place to hang out for tea time in Bukit Tinggi Klang.
Honestly I am so impressed by it because I have never thought of this little small town to have such beautiful place.
Thx to Ezra Yong Wei Buddy to introduce me here! <3

Green Sprout Cafe
Located in Bukit Tinggi Area, 
Near Giant shopping mall and SMK Batu Unjur school.

It's on ground floor, 
which is something I really like because it's so easy to find it's signboard
Plus, I don't have trouble wearing heels (a.k.a no need to climb stairs!) xD

Their menu,
pretty simple I would say.
Not fancy, yet full with info and easy to read.
(walao even menu also give comment ><)

Their HIGHLIGHTS boards, 
showing all the promotions they are currently offering.

The cakes they provided. 
So much variations I should say. :)

The waitress, waiter and also the kinda cute board overhead.
Now I kinda think that the menu flashcards is just for those to don't order at the counter or those who are too lazy to walk around the cafe, which totally make sense because it's pretty much the same thing :)

The one little stalls beside the counter selling some healthy goodies. 
Kinda remind me of Starbucks' concept, which is very classy and creative one. :)

The environment.

I really like this place because of it's quiet and romantic feeling.
it's not hectic and congested like most cafes do, but Yong Wei told me it was hectic back then before I arrived  (I came late since I am lost on the traffic ha!) because there were so many customers come for the 3-5pm promotion.

The tea.
Dilmah is one of the best choice of brand and it's often used in the restaurant :)

Baked Potatoes and Mushroom cheese. 
Very japanese style of food 
Kinda salty in my opinion but the potatoes is nicely cooked.
Came with the sour lemon purée which makes the whole meal just the right taste!  :)

The art is so so, 
the milk is not fully frothed in my opinion.
But the coffee is just nice with subtle bitterness and sweet-after-taste even without sugar.
Would be better if they can provide a better coffee art (I would have love it more!) :D

The high tea set we ordered.
We specially asked for consultant since we want the dessert to be not too sweet.
So the waitress recommended us this set:
two cute macaroons, mango pie, pumpkin cake, and marble cheese cake.
I would say the mango pie is still sweet, and I cannot imagine how sweet it would be for the other pie since the lovely waitress said it is the least sweet pie.
The macaroons is something I ordered due to a review from MisSuetY's blog who she said they are the best macaroon she had ever tried. I decided to give it a try. It was indeed a great macaroon with not too much of sweetness, but I have tasted the better series at TWG so I think none of the other macaroons can overtake them for the time being :)

Specially take this macaroon just because of the cute heart shape on it 
(I know it's lame but who cares :P )

So our whole meal for a great tea time. 


Green Sprout Cafe
Add: 18-0, Lorong Batu Nilam 3B, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1, 41200 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

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