Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Late Birthday Gifts I Received

My birthday has passed a month ago, with very simple birthday lunch with my parent because we were busy working (Me either). I've not thought about my gift is coming late till I arrived in Kelantan. Frankly, I'm so touched by my friend as they gave me all sort of present that I never imagine. Here're the pictures of my present:

1) My junior, Jing Wen, just went to Korea and she bought some present there!!! <3 <3 <3

Seaweed from Korea

Korea Original 'Xin' Ramen -- I thought 'Xin' Ramen in Malaysia are from Korea until she told me they are from China.. =.=
I Super Duper Like it!!!!!!! The Spoon of Korean!!!!!!
Will use it when I eat.

2) Present from Shi Ting, My lovely roomate-- An Angel Bookmark!

3) Present from Wilson ( I call him 'Panda' xD) --- The one I never expected: FERRERO ROCHER!!!!!

I'm shocked!

 4) Present from Michelle, my classmate-- An earpiece. =)

 I'm loving all of the present that has been given from my friends. Although they are late present, but it means that they care for me! I'm so HAPPY!

Readers: What is your most wanted birthday present???

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